Saturday, October 10, 2015


Hey, gang!  It's me, your radio pal Shyboy Tim!  Since Shelley's off to sail the high seas, armed only with a pile of books and endless umbrella drinks, it falls upon my geeky and exhausted shoulders to take over Halloween blogging duties until she gets back.  So much for living the high life!

I love that Shelley does these blog posts.  Halloween is our favorite holiday up here at Shuffle Function, and we need to do everything in our power to make sure it gets the radio love it deserves.  I'm going to be doing this until the 19th, at which time she'll surely be sharing stories of dysentery and horrible effects of sea sickness on post buffet constitutions.  Until then, there's this.

Horror movies rule.  They're great when they're bad and they're spectacular when they truly deliver the scares.  It's pretty rare to find one that will creep me the hell out, so the ones that do make me really happy.  Today it's easy to have a high batting average with the good ones when you can just hit some nerdy movie website and get the opinion from trusted resources.  Birth Movies Death is one of my favorites, and their critics are consistently speaking my language when it comes to the good, the bad, and the wonderfully terrible.

It would be great if we could trust the trailers to inform us about which movies are worth the cash, but movie trailers are filthy stinking liars.  If I had a dime for every time I felt like a sucker for buying the trailer hype, I'd have an additional ten cents that didn't go towards every waste of time film I saw.  It seems like I've felt the most betrayal with horror movie trailers.

Here's a trailer from recent years that broke my heart more than almost any trailer I've ever seen.

Looks pretty scary, right?  I friggin' LOVE the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and even though I knew it my heart that a reboot of a near perfect horror film was the worst idea ever, I couldn't help but think that the people behind this got it.  They used the camera sound effect from the original film, for cryin' out loud!  There's no way they would take that for granted.

Nope.  First off... Michael Bay.  But also, this movie really sucked, and it sucked hard.  There is an absurd amount of people out there that genuinely like this movie, but that just mean there is an absurd amount of people out there that wouldn't know a genuinely scary movie it if jumped out of the woods with a chainsaw and chased them into a gas station.  People... c'mon...

Between the trailers, the social media marketing, and all the friggin' spoilers that we're constantly bombarded with, it's hard to be surprised by anything, and part of of the thrill of horror movies is the surprise.  Not like the cat jumping out of nowhere type of scares, but like actual "holy crap this is scary" surprises.  If the scares are genuine then that's the biggest surprise of all!

Which brings me to the point of my post.  With horror movie advertising it's not uncommon to see trailers of audiences jumping out of their seats when the scares unfold before them.  No actual footage of the film, just people freaking out.  It's a pretty effective way to sell horror, but it would be more effective if there weren't so many people that thought the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake was good.

This is all pre-release hype, but what would it be like to be in the audience of a really classic horror film when it was released back in the day without that?  How cool would it be to see people reacting to timeless and iconic scares for the very first time?  The answer:  Very cool.

If I'm remembering it correctly, the story behind this clip is that a guy went to a screening of Halloween back in 1979 with a tape recorder so he could get a recording of the music.  Maybe I'm making this all up, but I swear I read somewhere that the guy was a big geek about film music and he loved the stuff that John Carpenter came up with.  And who wouldn't love it?  It's one of the greatest horror film scores of all time!

In addition to capturing the music, he also captured something really wonderful.  What he got on tape was an audience getting scared out of their wits by one of the most influential horror movies of all time, and it was happening during the original release of the film.  I've only experienced this level of audience reaction a few times, and it's the kind of experience we all hope for when we buy that ticket.  We want to be scared, and we want to be scared with an audience full of people.

Which reminds me, don't forget about Grind-Fu Cinema's Herschell Gordon Lewis marathon on October 24th.

Okay, here's the whole reason I wrote so much.  This clip is wonderful.  All horror movie experiences should be this good!

See you guys tomorrow with another Halloween blogpost!


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