Thursday, October 08, 2015

Countdown To Halloween Blogpost #8

I just finished packing for my upcoming cruise vacation, and thought tonight's post should be ocean related. And so.............................

I would love to see a giant squid just floating alongside the cruise ship, but as I watched it I know it would be a non-stop shiverfest! These sea creatures are so disturbing to me, and yet I can't look away. There eyes are unbelievable - plate sized and always open, and then there is the creepy tentacles. Ughh, I am shivering just typing this.

There is a great documentary about the Giant Squid in the series that Errol Morris made called First Person. It features one man's attempt to film a Giant Squid, which was a rare sight up until the last few decades. It is a fascinating watch, and I think if you are a fan of documentaries you should watch the entire series. But we can start with this episode. Enjoy!


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