Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Countdown to Halloween Post #6

I'm just going to leave this here.

If you come to this month's Grind - Fu Cinema on October 24th, you can expect to see a cameo by that fella above in the film Blast Off Girls. The story goes that Colonel Sanders was a bit of a diva on the set, demanding special rehearsals, demanding to direct his scene, and asking for top billing. Keep an eye out for him! For more information about Grind - Fu Cinema, follow this link.

Since we are on the subject of fast food, have you tried the new Burger King Halloween sandwhich yet? It features a jet black hamburger bun - and I have to tell you it looks amazing. When Tim and I went up to First Avenue to see the Big Star Third show, I ate one of these black spooky beauties. I'd not had a Whooper in years - and this gigantic burger was fantastic.

Eerily, when we pulled up to the drive through to pick up our food, the employee asked us if we knew what the secret to the black bun was, We admitted our ignorance, to which she told us that A1 Sauce is baked into it, followed by a truly creepy giggle. It was wierd to say the least, as if she was saying "eat at your own risk.....ha hugha ha guffaw guffaw!" It tastes great, but there is a side effect.

After you eat the Burger King Halloween Burger, your poop is going to be a ridiculous color of green. I know this for a fact, and now the story is leaking out through the press. I found a great article about why it makes your # 2's green, including a link to a photo if you are unwilling to believe this phenomenon. Click here to read the article. Don't have time to read the story? Then I will give you a SPOILER FOR THE GREY. It is the blue food coloring.


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