Monday, October 05, 2015



Starting this Thursday, October 8th, we're playing a different Judson Fountain radio "drammer" during every single show.  We're all about feeling the Halloween on Shuffle Function, but nobody feels the Halloween like Judson Fountain.  He's the Ed Wood of radio dramas!

Who is Judson Fountain?  Judson is a guy that grew up loving old radio shows.  When he grew up Judson decided he was going to make his own radio dramas, so he began writing and directing productions that featured a regular cast, as well as a series of recurring characters.  The Old Hag, Molly, Pops Serriano, 18 year old Johnny, and full grown 32 year old men showed up regularly in world that Judson created.

Earlier I mentioned that Judson Fountain is the Ed Wood of radio dramas, but what does that mean? Judson clearly loves radio drama and he put everything he had into his productions, just like Ed did. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm never meant quality.  Like Ed Woods films, Judson Fountains radio dramas were filled with bad scripts and bad acting.  Also like Ed's films, these shortcomings also became strengths.  Judson's work is super fun and hilarious, and once you start listening you can't stop. That's why we play all of his re-released work over the course of October.

There are two collections of Judson Fountain radio drama available right now.  Innova Recordings has compiled most of know work into Completely In The Dark and Dark Dark Dark Tales and Other Dark Tales, and both compilations are worth every penny.  There are a few of Judson's radio dramas that are still in the wild (check the discography) and we'd love to get our hands on copies.  Do you have any of them?  If so, HOW DID YOU GET YOUR HANDS ON THEM?!!!!  These things never turn up on Ebay or on Discogs.  We have no idea how many copies were even pressed back in the day, and they're exceptionally rare.

The first Judson Fountain radio drama we heard was Garbage Can From Thailand.  In many ways it's the crowning achievement of Judson's radio work.  In under seven minutes you hear virtually every trick in Judson's bag of tricks, and by the end you'll be speechless.  Garbage Can From Thailand is a masterpiece in every way.  We must have listened to it 100 times that day, and we laughed harder every time.  Ten years later we're still amazed by it.

Here's Garbage Can From Thailand for your listening amazement.  So turn off all the lights... and be completely in the dark... as Judson Fountain brings you another thrilling, chilling tale of mystery and suspense!

ALSO:  Do you know where Judson is?  He hasn't been seen or heard from since the mid nineties when he made an appearance on WFMU.  The world is looking for him.  Send us any information you may have about Judson to  Thanks!


Barrie Evans said...

What I would pay for that plum-colored velvet jacket...

Barrie Evans said...

What I would pay for that plum-colored velvet jacket...