Thursday, October 01, 2015


Do you have enough music in your life?  Maybe.  Do you have enough records?  OF COURSE NOT!  There's a couple of things going on this Saturday that should take care of both of these things, and we want you guys to be aware of them.


From ten to four on Saturday we're lucky enough to have the second Mankato Music Expo!  We'll have vinyl vendors from all over the place selling records that we need, want, or don't already know that we can't live with out.  Plus, it's at the Mankato Brewery (1119 Center Street, North Mankato), so there will be beer and root beer available.  Don't sweat the food situation, because Lola's Food Truck is gonna have that covered.  Bring enough cash to cover everything, and then try and figure out how much of that you can spend on vinyl instead of necessities.  It's the way of the vinyl geek!


Dave from Free Form Freakout and Guse from Embrace The Sound put together a great lineup of music at Patrick's in St Peter that you guys don't want to miss.  It starts at nine p.m. with The Renderers, a great band from New Zealand that has been knocking us out.  They've been around since the late 80s and haven't been to Minnesota since some time in the 90s, so this is a rare opportunity to catch them.  Second on the bill is Mankato fave Good Night Gold Dust, who always put on a great show.  There's no cover for this 21+ show, so what's your excuse?

Check out the Facebook event pages for both these great events if you need more info.  We'll see you there!

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