Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Shuffle Function Countdown To Halloween Blogpost #7

With October comes the excitement of choosing what you want to be for Halloween. Elaborate costumes have become so easy to get your hands on, what with the on-lines and such, that I feel tonight's post might almost be a bit of a Public Service Announcement of sorts. Have a look at the video below, and then let's get into my topic of the night.

Every few months we get a pretty convincing video of a Bigfoot, that is later shown to be someone in a costume. And so I thought it might be a good idea to see what Bigfoot costumes are available this year, in hopes of making it easier to spot them when they show up on the news as "authentic". Let's have a look.

pretty standard - found everywhere on-line!
juvenile Sasquatch sightings do exist
this one is pretty standard as well - but with a nastier face
similar to the first, but auburn in color
I don't think that this would frighten me if I came across it in the woods
for the white Bigfoot sightings
This one looks amazing, and costs a pretty penny!
with Star Wars making it's big comeback, a lot more of these costumes are available - remove the ammo clip and it would be pretty covincing
Okay - this is a monkey suit, but you never know. Hoaxers aren't always playing with a full deck
this costume is simply ridiculous
lastly, the ghillie suit - can be found anywhere hunting gear is sold
That is pretty much it for readily available Bigfoot costumes. There are a number of suits made for specific films in the last coup,e of years that could somehow end up out in the public, but we will have to hope they are not put to use in such a way. Maybe we will see some of these costumes on Grind-Fu Cinema attendees?


Oh - by the way. Can anyone guess the most popular prop sold with these costumes?

yep - inflatable bannanas!

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