Sunday, November 15, 2015

HEY USA! We are talking to you TMBG fans!

This Thursday November 19th we celebrate the life of James Ensor (Belgium's famous painter) by playing They Might Be Giants all day long on KMSU. All of the festivities are courtesy of Tom and Chantill, our KMSU Day Sponsors. As we have previously mentioned, we heard from a bunch of They Might Be Giants fans last year when we did this for the first time. But here's the thing, This year Shyboy Tim and I would love to top that.

It is our goal to receive a They Might Be Giants 
request from every 
single state in the United States. 

I think we can totally do this but we need 
your help Shuffle Functioneers. 


Listeners can also text their 
They Might Be Giants requests to (507) 389 - 5678.

Requests can also be emailed to us at

Share this post with your music geek besties! Post it on your Facebook page. Join the event page here  or go to this link for more information on the tumblers. Tweet the news across the land. Snap Chat the hell out of it or use a crazy filter on Instagram to let the people know. We want your They Might Be Giants requests at KMSU. There will be a map of the United States hanging in the studio and we will stick a pin with a TMBG big head into every state we receive a request from. Hopefully, by the end of the day we will have a full map! Last but not least, feel free to request as many songs as you like - it is too hard to pick just one favorite by this amazing band!

See you Thursday -


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