Monday, November 02, 2015


FROM THE "THINGS I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE" DEPARTMENT:  R. Stevie Moore just posted the only live footage known to exist of The Shaggs!  Before today we only had their LP Philosophy of the World, a few photos, and some first hand accounts to even prove they existed, but now we have the Outsider equivalent of THE HOLY GRAIL.

There isn't any information available at this time about where the footage came from or who shot it, other than the title "The Shaggs Live, Fremont Town Hall 1972".  One could assume from the nature of some of the shots that the camera person was their father or possibly their brother.  There's a boy that pops up quite a bit, and my gut tells me that's the brother.  But what we get to see here FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER is an actual live performance by The Shaggs.  And who knew they had choreography?  Never would have guessed.  You also get to see the town folks dancing to their performance, and apparently they're having a great time.

This footage is an important discovery in the world of Outsider music.  Apparently the original post that R. Stevie Moore made has already been taken down, but someone else just re-upped it.  Watch it while you can, download if it you can, and cherish this unlikely snapshot of The Beatles of Outsider music.


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