Tuesday, January 05, 2016


There's new Bowie coming your way on Friday's show, and I'm going to try and get a post about him on the blog every day this week.  Today's post was influenced by the website supbowie.com.  You go there, type in your age, and get humiliated by all the awesome stuff David Bowie was doing at your age.  Don't feel bad, though.  We can't all be David Bowie, even though he can be many people.

So I typed in 28 on the ol' supbowie, and it said David Bowie presented the Grammy award for Best Female R&B Performance.  This is a notorious appearance by Bowie, because by all accounts he was higher than a kite.  It's not pretty.

Also on the damaged front is the amazing documentary Cracked Actor, which follows Bowie on his 1974 tour of America.  There's some remarkable footage of him rambling on incoherently, a really creepy intro of him watching film of himself, plus the only existing footage of him performing on that tour.  It's an hour well spent.

This is terrific.  Live plus interviews on the Dick Cavett show.  Anything with Cavett is brilliant, and he's particularly good when he's interviewing a brilliant person.  Bowie is BRUTALLY thin in this footage, but he's SO GOOD.

At this point we'll just cut to the chase.  Here he is with cocaine.

Don't forget!  We're playing the new Bowie album in its entirety this Friday on the morning show!

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