Thursday, January 14, 2016


"I used to be in a poker game with Neil Simon, Johnny Carson, Carl Reiner..."

I love hearing and reading stories from comedians.  There are a couple of great books by Mike Sacks (And Here's the Kicker and Poking a Dead Frog) that compile essays and interviews from professional comedy writers and performers that I can't recommend enough.  It's comedy as nuts and bolts.  Tina Fey's book Bossypants is one of the few books that has made me laugh to tears through the entire ride, and you can't call yourself a fan if you haven't read it yet.  Why are you reading this blog when you could be reading these books?

Steve Martin is as close to a true comedy rock and roll legend as you can get, and his book Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life is an essential read for comedy nerds.  You get the behind the scenes stories from a guy that turned comedy into an arena gig, and why he had to walk away from it.  It's also fascinating to read just how much thought goes into something like his comedy, which on the surface is so silly.  Again... why this... read that...

Martin appeared on the second episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee this season, and the episode is full of moments where your host Jerry Seinfeld and Steve talk about the craft of stand up and what it's like to be at the level of fame that these guys have.  It's a fun watch, as are all the episodes of CICGC.  You should watch them all, but start with this one.

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