Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Folks are still reeling from Lemmy's death, but there are a couple of ways we can collectively mourn his passing and celebrate his life.  One requires you to physically be in California, but the other only requires an internet connection.

There's this big party going on at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on Saturday.  It's gonna shut down from five to nine for a private memorial, but you'll have the other eight hours to celebrate his life.  The Rainbow has since updated their announcement to let it be know that the public interest has been so high that THE ENTIRE SUNSET STRIP WILL BE SHUT DOWN TO ACCOMMODATE THE VAST NUMBER OF MOURNERS.  Also, the Whiskey and the Roxy will remain open from five to nine so the public mourning can rage on.

For the rest of the world, there's the internet.

At three p.m. PST there will be a webcast of Lemmy's memorial service at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery.  This is where his closest friends and family will be, as well as millions of virtual attendees.  The service will be about an hour and a half long.  The live feed will be available via Motorhead's YouTube channel.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

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