Friday, February 26, 2016

I'm the new kid in town, where can I vote?

This Tuesday, March 1st is your opportunity to make your voice heard at the Precinct Caucuses. Meetings for the Republican Party are held at Mankato West High School, and the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party will be meeting at Mankato East High School. Both parties start at 7 p.m.

If you plan on attending (and you should), but don't know what precinct you are in have no fear. Follow this link to find out everything you need.

Jot down your precinct number, and you will be good to go. If you have never attended a precinct caucus before - don't let it intimidate you. There will be plenty of friendly people around to answer any question you might have and you will get to know your neighbors a bit better too. So have fun and make your vote count! 


Saturday, February 20, 2016


Saturday, February 27th & Sunday, February 28th

It has been held every year for a decade and a half, but somehow this is the only picture I can find from an actual Scootermas.  Surely there must be other photos, but I dunno... the veil of secrecy that surround the Scootermas tradition is heavy.  Not really.

This is the SIXTEENTH year that Scootermas will been held.  The origins of the holiday begin with a little boy that never had birthday or Christmas celebrations when he was growing up.  After he reached adulthood he found some friends that couldn't deal with this fact and they decided that he needed his own special day to make up for all those lost gift giving opportunities.  BOOM.  Scootermas.

It used to be that Scootermas fell on whatever day could be conveniently scheduled, but in the last few years it was decided that it should always fall on Academy Awards weekend.  This year we're celebrating Scootermas on February 27st and 28th.  Expect nothing but film, food, and friendship for 48 hours.


The key element of Scootermas is film.  Each participant spends part of their year scouring the planet for new and interesting things to blow the minds of those attending.  Good, bad, weird, it doesn't matter.  As long as they don't completely suck.  Past failures have been used as a source of humiliation for the person that subjected the others to it.  Phrases like "Don't Idiocracy it" or "You really Life On Mars'd it" have become part of the vernacular.  Other things have become tradition, like watching the entire Yacht Rock series.  Look, just have fun, o.k.?

The second and third key elements are food and refreshments.  We've become a serious beer group, and we try to find new and exotic brews to sample.  You can always count on Mexican Coca Cola making an appearance, too.  Just make sure the beverages are good.  Nothing less than the  best for Scootermas.

Fourth is Nerf Dart Guns.  These are essential for the fifth element, which is the Academy Awards.  The Awards just gets this mention here, because it's really the excuse for when Scootermas is scheduled.  You can't watch the Academy Awards, however, without Nerf Dart Guns.  Without them, how can you properly register your disgust when Celine Dion comes on to sing a song, or when your favorite nominee gets robbed?  You NEED to let loose a volley of dart flavored revenge upon the TV screen.  This is America, after all.

We've been looking forward to Scootermas for a long time.  It's a great excuse to let off some steam and just forget about any of the troubles that the world drops on your doorstep.  Everybody needs a day (or days) like this.  Happy Scootermas, everyone!


Friday, February 19, 2016


This past Thursday Steve Martin performed a surprise set of stand up comedy for the first time in 35 years.  He did a brief 10 minute set as the opening act for Jerry Seinfeld at the Beacon Theater in New York.  This is a monumental turn of events for Martin, who rarely discusses his days as a comedian.  When he stopped performing in 1981 he made a clean break.  With the exception of his amazing autobiography Born Standing Up, he doesn't talk about those days at all.

Recently, however, he was on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and Martin spoke at length about his career with Seinfeld.  It was fascinating to hear, as it always is when you hear a legend talking about what made legendary.  Many are crediting this show as the turning point for Martin and his decision to return to the comedy stage.  Indeed, the truth could be revealed in a joke he told that night at the Beacon:  "Actually, I'm here because of that age old showbiz saying:  Never lose a bet to Jerry Seinfeld."

Here's the Steve Martin episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.  I love watching comedy legends talk about the craft.


Thursday, February 18, 2016


It's astounding to me that we've done nearly SIX THOUSAND morning shows.  That number is so huge that it's hard to imagine enough time has passed to even do that many shows.  The time we spend on the air between six and nine in the morning is still our favorite part of the day, and this is after nearly twelve years (also inconceivable) in that time slot.  It never gets old.  Crazy.

So what do we do for show six thousand?  We're open to ideas.  As you know, EVERY anniversary is the vinyl anniversary in radio, so we could always do a vinyl show.  We always do vinyl shows, though.  Is there anything that you guys would be interested in hearing on the show?  Drop us an e-mail at, or leave a comment on the Shuffle Function Facebook.

Thanks for all the years of support!  KMSU listeners are the best listeners ever!



Always a nominee, never a recipient!  How is that possible?  Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated five times for some tremendous work, and yet he has never received an Oscar.  Even if he's in a movie that's less than stellar (which is rarer now) he's great.  Don't you just wish you could correct this outrage?


The folks at The Line Animation have put together a really fun game that's impossible to win called Red Carpet Rampage.  Your job is to navigate Leo through a series of challenges on his quest for Academy Awards glory.  There's also a few mini-games thrown in, such as:




All these games and more are waiting to waste your time!  Head over to and start killing time now! Gameplay from The Line on Vimeo.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Michael McDonald!

What a wild 24 hours for the Mankato Chapter of Michael MiMcDonald Society Of Silver Fox Impersonators! We welcomed 14 new "Michaels" into the group - which is a fantastic way to celebrate the birthday of the great Michael McDonald. Many of the new "Michaels" took advantage of the call in to audition option available once year on the Silver Fox's birthday, but we did have some visitors in the studio.

Nikko is a "Michael"
Mark is a "Michael"
Sophie is a reluctant "Michael"
Dan is a "Michael"
Gary is a "Michael"
James is a "Michael"
Don't forget that you can audition to become a member at any time, but for the rest of the year you must come up to KMSU to audition for us. You can get your membership card and have your picture taken with Michael McDonald (as pictured on his album cover). Congratulations to all the new members and Happy Birthday to you Michael McDonald!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


People are always quick to rag on every SNL cast as being terrible, but that's to be expected at this point.  If you go back to the sainted first cast you'll find just as many clunkers as hits, but they had the advantage of being new and groundbreaking.  While the current cast has seemed to have a large number of clunker shows, they're getting more and more consistent.  Many times the quality of the show can depend on how strong the guest host is, and this past Saturday they had a winner with Larry David.

It's strange to see David acting as anything other than his Curb Your Enthusiasm persona, but he was very good with the roles he was given.  The most notable of these has been his portrayal of Bernie Sanders, which he's been playing all season, and it was given center stage with a Sanders version of Curb called Bern Your Enthusiasm.  You've probably seen it by now, as it's been making its way around the interwebs ever since it aired.

The highlight of the night for me was one of the weirder sketches of the evening.  It takes place at an FBI firing range where some cadets are in training.  Larry plays a firing range dummy, and that's all I'm going to say about that.  His appearance is so absurd that it had me in tears, and it was beyond me how Larry David could keep from bursting into laughter over how crazy his character is.

Today SNL posted behind the scenes footage of Larry during rehearsals for the sketch, and now it all makes sense.  He was laughing hysterically throughout the rehearsals, so he must have gotten it out of his system by the time the big show aired.  GOOD JOB, LARRY DAVID!


Sunday, February 07, 2016


I can't say enough good things about the 2016 KMSU Record Expedition!  It was bigger and better than last year, and I never thought that could be possible.  The group of KMSU hosts and listeners was much larger, and they tore a path of Music Geekery stretching from Tune Town to the heart of the Twin Cities.  Wallets were emptier, but the vinyl collections were much bigger by the end of the day.

Scooter Polanski and Supreme Ruler of Sound outside our sweet ride.

The Expedition rode in style on this super sweet Lake Crystal Coach.  Big props to our driver Herb who navigated some pretty narrow stretches of road in heavy traffic.

The sugar collection.

The first store we hit was Mill City Sound.  The store is new on the scene, but it made a dazzling impression on everyone involved.  I'm pretty sure that anybody with a want list found at least some of what they were looking for withing about five minutes of stepping inside.

Nikko with his two copies of William Campbell's McCartney II album.  WHAT THE HELL, NIKKO?

Stop number three was at the Minneapolis Record Show.  You'll always find a crazy mix of vendors, genres, organization, and prices.  Plus, you'll always find something you can't live without.

Supreme Ruler of Sound and Shelley compare their spoils.

Chuck found an amazing ABBA poster!

Our fourth stop was at Hymie's Vintage Records.  Have you been to Hymie's?  One step inside their door and you instantly understand why they're listed as one of the top record stores in the nation.  Seriously, if you don't see something you need at Hymie's you're not even trying.

Scooter Polanski mines the Soundtrack Section.

Hey, look!  It's Gully!

The last record store of the day was Treehouse Records.  If it's hard to find or obscure, they probably have it lurking in their bins somewhere.

Look!  It's Fancy Ray, star of the Treehouse Records Super Bowl Commercial!

Last stop in the Twin Cities: The legendary CC Club!  The CC Club has been the stomping ground of Twin Cities music legends for decades. The Replacements, Peter Buck, Soul Asylum, Sam Kinison, Suicide Commandos, The Suburbs, and Robyn Hitchcock all downed a few here.  The Twin/Tone record label was named there.  It's a great place to catch your breath after a long day of vinyl indulgence.

After the CC Club we headed back to Kato and Tune Town, where we ordered Pagliai's pizza and slowly realized just how overboard we went on records.  NO REGRETS!

What an amazing expedition!  If you want to hear what everybody picked up on the trip, be sure to listen to KMSU this Thursday from six to nine p.m.  The crew will be in the KMSU studios playing some of the stuff they hauled back to town.  It should be a very eclectic playlist, and most likely the very definition of what makes KMSU such a special place on the radio dial!