Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Michael McDonald!

What a wild 24 hours for the Mankato Chapter of Michael MiMcDonald Society Of Silver Fox Impersonators! We welcomed 14 new "Michaels" into the group - which is a fantastic way to celebrate the birthday of the great Michael McDonald. Many of the new "Michaels" took advantage of the call in to audition option available once year on the Silver Fox's birthday, but we did have some visitors in the studio.

Nikko is a "Michael"
Mark is a "Michael"
Sophie is a reluctant "Michael"
Dan is a "Michael"
Gary is a "Michael"
James is a "Michael"
Don't forget that you can audition to become a member at any time, but for the rest of the year you must come up to KMSU to audition for us. You can get your membership card and have your picture taken with Michael McDonald (as pictured on his album cover). Congratulations to all the new members and Happy Birthday to you Michael McDonald!

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