Sunday, February 07, 2016


On Saturday a large group of KMSU listeners and confirmed music geeks jumped on a bus at Tune Town and headed north towards vinyl nirvana. We were a big crowd, and an enthusiastic one at that, and after wetting our whistles at Tune Town we couldn't get to our next destination soon enough. A big thanks to our Tune Town Hero Carl for coming in early and for allowing the Supreme Ruler Of Sound to add another Kraftwerk record to his collection. Do the Robot Steve!

We visited Mill City Sound, where we were treated to guided tours of the John Bream collection in their basement and pleasantly overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of LP's and 45's to flip through. If you have not yet been to this newer record store in Hopkins you need to. For real, Oh - and be sure to give yourself a few hours to peruse the racks. Nikko found both a used and a new copy of McCartney II there, Tim found the BeeGees record he was looking for. Tom found the first Angel album he needed to become an Angel completist and I picked up an amazing box set of Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs three albums of covers from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Next stop on the expedition was the Record Show in Richfield. Lots of vendors, amazing cheeseburgers, and Surly beer on tap made for very happy KMSU Record Expeditioners! The place was hopping,  and once again everyone found something that they couldn't live without. It is such a treat to walk into a large open auditorium that is filled to the brim with records, tapes, record players, music ephemera and record collectors. You simply just don't know where to start! I was busy stuffing my face with cheeseburger to even get a picture.

We stopped at one of my favorite record stores next, Hymie's Vintage Records. Not only do they have a record store dog named Irene, but they always seem to have a K-Tel record that I don't yet own for my collection. Sophie and her Dad Mark found a record there that they just couldn't live without (pictured above), as did many of us. A healthy number of soundtracks were purchased there by Scooter Polanski, and Chantill was reunited with an old friend.

Last stop on the KMSU Record Expedition was Treehouse Records, where they had set up a secret password for us to get a sweeter deal on our purchases. I would also like to thank our fantastic bus driver Herb who navigated through the crowded tight streets around Treehouse with ease, What I love about Treehouse Records is that I can always find a record there that I'd never heard of before but I simply MUST have. Tim also had some amazing luck once again with the $2 Mystery 45 Grab Bags - an amazing Moog version of Tequila!  I even caught Dave from Free Form Freakout studying a record released on the Round Bale Recordings label. Hmmmmmm.........that looks familiar.

We ended the night with pizza and adult beverages at Tune Town - each of us taking turns putting a new record on the turntable. It was another amazing KMSU Record Expedition, not only for the new additions to everybody's collections, but for the camaraderie that developed among us. On the way up to the Twin Cities we all introduced ourselves and listed any records that we might be hoping to find. I can't begin to tell you how many times I heard someone pulling out a record they knew someone wanted and bringing it to their attention, or someone asking a radio show host for their advice on which record they should get. I love being a part of the KMSU community! A big thanks to Gully for shepherding us once again on our journey. He was our Radio Hero! I also can't thank the good people at Mill City Sound, Tune Town, Treehouse Records, The Record Show and Hymie's Vintage Records enough. These are great establishments, and I encourage you all to stop by and support them. And a big thanks to everyone on the KMSU Record Expedition for supporting KMSU and community radio.

The end of the night

Please be sure to tune in this Thursday night from 6 to 9 p.m. as we all get together and take turns spinning vinyl from our record hauls. It will be a diverse playlist to say the least, and you will get to hear from some of your fellow KMSU listeners. It will be a lot of fun - and I don't think you should miss it!


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