Thursday, February 18, 2016


It's astounding to me that we've done nearly SIX THOUSAND morning shows.  That number is so huge that it's hard to imagine enough time has passed to even do that many shows.  The time we spend on the air between six and nine in the morning is still our favorite part of the day, and this is after nearly twelve years (also inconceivable) in that time slot.  It never gets old.  Crazy.

So what do we do for show six thousand?  We're open to ideas.  As you know, EVERY anniversary is the vinyl anniversary in radio, so we could always do a vinyl show.  We always do vinyl shows, though.  Is there anything that you guys would be interested in hearing on the show?  Drop us an e-mail at, or leave a comment on the Shuffle Function Facebook.

Thanks for all the years of support!  KMSU listeners are the best listeners ever!


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