Sunday, February 07, 2016


I can't say enough good things about the 2016 KMSU Record Expedition!  It was bigger and better than last year, and I never thought that could be possible.  The group of KMSU hosts and listeners was much larger, and they tore a path of Music Geekery stretching from Tune Town to the heart of the Twin Cities.  Wallets were emptier, but the vinyl collections were much bigger by the end of the day.

Scooter Polanski and Supreme Ruler of Sound outside our sweet ride.

The Expedition rode in style on this super sweet Lake Crystal Coach.  Big props to our driver Herb who navigated some pretty narrow stretches of road in heavy traffic.

The sugar collection.

The first store we hit was Mill City Sound.  The store is new on the scene, but it made a dazzling impression on everyone involved.  I'm pretty sure that anybody with a want list found at least some of what they were looking for withing about five minutes of stepping inside.

Nikko with his two copies of William Campbell's McCartney II album.  WHAT THE HELL, NIKKO?

Stop number three was at the Minneapolis Record Show.  You'll always find a crazy mix of vendors, genres, organization, and prices.  Plus, you'll always find something you can't live without.

Supreme Ruler of Sound and Shelley compare their spoils.

Chuck found an amazing ABBA poster!

Our fourth stop was at Hymie's Vintage Records.  Have you been to Hymie's?  One step inside their door and you instantly understand why they're listed as one of the top record stores in the nation.  Seriously, if you don't see something you need at Hymie's you're not even trying.

Scooter Polanski mines the Soundtrack Section.

Hey, look!  It's Gully!

The last record store of the day was Treehouse Records.  If it's hard to find or obscure, they probably have it lurking in their bins somewhere.

Look!  It's Fancy Ray, star of the Treehouse Records Super Bowl Commercial!

Last stop in the Twin Cities: The legendary CC Club!  The CC Club has been the stomping ground of Twin Cities music legends for decades. The Replacements, Peter Buck, Soul Asylum, Sam Kinison, Suicide Commandos, The Suburbs, and Robyn Hitchcock all downed a few here.  The Twin/Tone record label was named there.  It's a great place to catch your breath after a long day of vinyl indulgence.

After the CC Club we headed back to Kato and Tune Town, where we ordered Pagliai's pizza and slowly realized just how overboard we went on records.  NO REGRETS!

What an amazing expedition!  If you want to hear what everybody picked up on the trip, be sure to listen to KMSU this Thursday from six to nine p.m.  The crew will be in the KMSU studios playing some of the stuff they hauled back to town.  It should be a very eclectic playlist, and most likely the very definition of what makes KMSU such a special place on the radio dial!


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