Thursday, March 31, 2016

24 Hour Party People! Here is your 2016 Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go Schedule O' Fun!

The Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go is just a handful of weeks away Radio Heroes! 

We begin at 6 p.m. on Thursday April 21st and end 24 hours later at 6 p.m. on Friday April 22nd.

Every minute of the marathon is a blast, but 
here is a schedule of specific 
events for you to print off and tape to your fridge.  

Thursday, April 21st @ nine p.m. and Friday, April 22nd at noon!

The game so nice we play it twice!  Tune in for two intense rounds of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette.  We draw numbers to pick the record we play, flip a coin to select the side, and roll a ten sided die to determine the song we play. IT'S COMPLETELY RANDOM RADIO!

We have no idea what the radio gods have in store for us.  Sometimes it's one of the greatest hours of radio ever produced, and other times it makes you curse the birth of Marconi.  Either way, Radio Roulette is full of surprises, so don't miss it!

Friday, April 22nd @ two a.m.

Why two a.m.?  Because two a.m. is the perfect time for Jandek, whose songs can inhabit that murky and mysterious hour, and they take you to a haunted and personal place.  We've been featuing Jandek: Sounds Of Insomnia for a number of years now, and it's always one of our favorite parts of the marathon.  We turn off all the lights in the station, and we've left only with the faint flow of the control board and the strobe of the telephone when it rings.  We encourage you guys to tune in, particularly if you aren't already a Jandek initiate.  This could be the time that it all finally clicks.

Friday, April 22nd from four to six a.m.

Two years we set an hour for Gary Campbell (aka Maverick Slim) to come in and do an all Sun Ra set, but an hour just wasn't enough time.  That's why we've set aside TWO HOURS for Sunrise With Sun Ra!  It's a great way to get your bearings before we head into...

Friday, April 22nd from six to ten a.m.

We are going to play nothing but vinyl for four hours Friday morning!  It wakes us up, plus it gives us a chance to dig into some things that might not normally make the playlist.  Both Shelley and myself have been working to find some real gems, in addition to any Record Store Day finds, to play for you guys that morning, and hopefully they will convince you that KMSU is a pretty special place on the radio dial.

At some point we'll also be doing the MacArthur Park sing along, so start flexing those pipes and get ready for the broadway style breakdown!

Friday, April 22nd @ 1p.m

Are you kids hip to The Frye?  You will be soon! Ann and Joe will be joining us for an hour of special pledge related programming.  They'll be singing favorites, and spinning a few favorites, too.  Check them out on the interwebs and the Facebooks!!

Friday, April 22nd from 2 to 6p.m.

From here on out its us desperately clawing for the finish line!  At this point caffeine is a joke, and the only thing that will help us is your donations!  CALL AND PLEDGE!  And guess what?  Your call may be taken by a real live MAD Girl!  We'll have some Mankato Area Derby Girls at the station taking calls, so tune in and pledge!

 Drop us a line if you have any questions!

Rather coming soon to a radio station near you - THE KMSU SPRING PLEDGE 
DRIVE LIST O' SWAG - so stay tuned Radio Heroes!

Friday, March 25, 2016


2016 continues to collect our favorites.  Yesterday Garry Shandling died from a massive heart attack at age 66.  His TV appearances were always guaranteed to leave me in stitches, and the odds are that if you grew up in the 80s we shared a similar opinion of his comedy.  It's a big  reason why Paul Feig and Judd Apatow chose to have Bill watching an appearance of Shandling on TV during a memorable (like there is any other kind) episode of Freaks and Geeks.

Shandling was also one of those guys that seemed to be a real comedian's comedian.  Recently he appeared on an episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with the unfortunate title "It's Great That Garry Shandling is Still Alive".  In it Jerry and Garry go to a bunch of their old comedy haunts and tell amazing stories about coming up in comedy.  Garry even shares THE MOMENT when he was tapped to go on The Tonight Show, which was like getting touched by the hand of Comedy God in that era.

Garry Shandling also made an incredible impact on episodic television with two very influential shows.  The first was It's Garry Shandling's Show which turned the sitcom on its ear and was meta about 20 years before everything became meta.  Within the first few seconds of the first episode he was breaking the fourth wall, and the theme song was a masterpiece of self awareness.

I can't find any full episodes of It's Garry Shandling's Show online, but there are several episodes of Garry's next big program available.  The Larry Sanders show came about at a time when the world of late night talk shows was exploding and filled with controversy.  It seemed like everyone was getting a show, and the politics between the different programs was a major entertainment news topic.  The Larry Sanders show poked major fun at that environment in a very realistic way, and its style influenced generations of TV programs, not just in comedy but across genres.  As Splitsider put it, "Your favorite comedy exists because of The Larry Sanders show".  Here's the first episode.  Please excuse the copyright dodging pitchiness.

Splitsider just reported today that Shandling had made a deal with HBO to bring the original episodes of The Larry Sanders Show back to HBO for broadcast and on demand availability.  No idea when that will begin, but be sure to watch the show.  It's great stuff.


As a bonus, here's a touching clip from last night's Conan show, where Conan O'Brien tells a story about how Garry got him through one of the darkest periods of his life.  Try not to be moved, you cold hearted fiend!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Before the Food Network, Kitchen Stadium, Gordon Ramsey humiliations, Anthony Bourdain global drinkathons, and cooking eliminations shows, there was Julia Child.  Julia Child was the original TV food personality, and her programs inspired generations to get ambitious in the kitchen.  Her impact on television and cooking was so profound that the Smithsonian National Museum of American History has her kitchen as part of their permanent exhibit.  Not too bad for a former OSS officer!  Did you know she used to do top secret research during World War II?  BADASS!

Right now is running a marathon of Julia Child cooking shows to launch its brand new food channel!  They're just streaming them non-stop, so you can't pick and choose your episodes, but that doesn't even matter.  Just plop down in the middle of whatever one is on and revel in the joyful celebration of food.  They're only available for a limited time, so don't miss out!

Friday, March 11, 2016


Thanks to everybody that joined us at the St Peter Food Co-op on Thursday morning!  We had such a great time, and it's always such an honor to thank you guys for all the support you give KMSU throughout the year.  KMSU HAS THE BEST LISTENERS IN THE WORLD!  What's that, other stations?  You claim that YOU have the best listeners?  Oh... it's so cute that you think you're right, BUT YOU ARE NOT!

Pictured above is the special Shuffle Function Strata that the Co-op cooked up for the day.  Wow... it was breathtaking.  Honestly, Shelley and I were both obsessing about it all day Thursday, and it was the first thing we were talking about this morning when we got up to the station.  Here's Tune Town hero Carl enjoying it!

Anyway, we had a great time, and we hope that we can do more of these appearances in the future, if for no other reason than to stretch our legs and get some fresh air!

Here are some photos from the show.  Thanks again, you guys!

Here's Shyboy Tim correcting an honest mistake.

The first song of the day was Velvet Underground's Rock and Roll, 
because it was the first song that we ever played on the morning show.

Hey, gang!  It's Ann from The Frye talking about the upcoming 
full band production of Hank and Rita!  Tickets are now available!

The Frye finally received their dueling #9 Michaelship cards!

Jilly the P came out to try the Strata and show off the very 
first Shuffle Function t-shirt!  (not pictured: Farmer Cap)

Tyler the Math Tsar became a Michael!

Tyler's wife made these great paper flowers for everybody.

Rob came in early to open up the Co-op for us, and then he went on to become 
a Michael!  Rob is heading for a warmer climate, and we'll miss him!

Check out how snazzy radio model Charles is in his swag!

Eric is a Michael!  (not pictured: his scooter)

Tom's a Michael, too!  So many Michaels!

Thanks again to everybody that came out and said hello during the show!  You are all radio heroes!

Thursday, March 10, 2016



Take the last week of April off from work, obligations, whatever, because Shuffle Function and KMSU have packed it was all kinds of awesome!  Start jotting down dates, gang!

Saturday, April 16th - RECORD STORE DAY!

This annual celebration of independent record stores just gets better and better (and more expensive for music geeks) every year!  Tune Town, the Mankato connection for Record Store Day, will be opening at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 16th so that music geeks in the area can go nuts on all kinds of exclusive vinyl releases that you can only pick up at Mom and Pop Record Shops.  There's a reason we've been calling it Second Christmas!  Check out the OFFICIAL LIST and start figuring out what you can't live without.

Then, at about 9:30 a.m. (or whenever we're finished with our over-doing it) we'll be playing Shuffle Function Radio Roulette.  The radio gods will be controlling your Record Store Day playlist as we play Radio Roulette until noon.  Swing by and draw a number so we don't have to take all the blame for the audio brutality that may or may not be inflicted upon us all.

Sunday, April 17th - NOTHING

You're gonna need this day of rest, gang.


What started as fun has now become tradition.  Well, this will be the third year for it, at least.  Come up to KMSU during the morning show and YOU.  WILL.  GET.  BACON!  Shelley will be kicking out the bacon jams as we celebrate the ultimate salty treat, and I'll be making my famous Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwiches.  It's the bacon rapture! 

Tuesday, April 19th - WORLD BOOK DAY!

Stop up to the station during the Morning Show and YOU. WILL. GET. A BOOK!  It's all about celebrating literacy, so swing by and find your new favorite read.  GET INTO IT!


We mean business, kids.  The Spring Pledge Drive is the biggest drive of the year, and with that comes a lofty goal.  This year it's a whopping $35,000 and we need to hit it.  Details on swag to come, but we can tell you that we're thrilled to offer it.  The music selection rules and the t-shirt... Oh man, the shirt design is so cool.  We can't reveal it yet, but the illustration is by the same person that did our Daredevil Jumping Zombies design last year.  You're gonna love it.


Shuffle Function will be live from six p.m. Thursday , April 21st to Six p.m. Friday, April 22nd in a desperate act that will hopefully convince you guys that KMSU is a station that needs to stay on the air!  We will be surviving only on the basic human needs of caffeine and rock and roll, and anxiously awaiting your phone calls as we punish ourselves in the name of Independent Public Radio.

There's all kinds of stuff we have planned, including some exclusive marathon swag, so stay tuned to this blog for further information!

Saturday, April 23rd - GRIND-FU CINEMA!

With second exciting feature
Saturday, April 23rd @ 8:00pm
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
Minnesota State University, Mankato

As a way to wind down from the marathon and celebrate with friends, we're once again having a post-marathon Grind-Fu Cinema!  Back by popular demand, we're showing THE GUY FROM HARLEM!  Of all the terrible films we've show, none is more beloved than The Guy From Harlem.  It holds the distinction of being the only film we've shown five years in a row, but that's only because the audiences have begged for more.

More you say?  HECK YES!  We're following TGFH with ENTER THE DRAGON, Bruce Lee's martial arts masterpiece.  This one set the bar for martial arts films until the end of time.  If you were unsure of Bruce Lee's status as ultimate Kung Fu badass, then Enter The Dragon will set you right.

Also, Grind-Fu Cinema is FREE!  Bring your friends, some snacks, dress in layers (because the temp in all over the place in this theater) and join us for a night of laughs and Kung Fu treachery.

Plus, it's my birthday.

DID WE FORGET ANYTHING?  Probably, but we'll update the blog as things pop up.  Until then, use this post as your life plan.

Thanks for all your support.  You guys are the best.


Wednesday, March 09, 2016


This is one of those things that thrills us and makes us groan.  It thrills us because we love vinyl and music geekery, but it makes us groan because it reminds us of how broke we're going to be in April.  They've released the official list of titles for Record Store Day 2016, and the title list is amazing.  I can tell already that the day will end with me picking up a lot of stuff that I had not intention of getting, but that's par for the course on Record Store Day.

The local connection for RSD 2016 is Tune Town, Kato's very own independent record store.  Carl hasn't announced the plans for the day yet, but he always takes good care of the area music geeks.  Like Tune Town on Facebook so you can get the details first!


It's time to get excited, Nerds!  Rifftrax is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and they're really kicking out the jams with their plans.  Right now they have a Kickstarter going to raise money for a big event that will take place in Minneapolis in June, as well as for two other events they'll have this year.  You'll probably want to throw in for this.

On June 28th Rifftrax is going to have a live event at the State Theater in Minneapolis, and several Mystery Science Theater 3000 alumni will be joining them.  Right now the confirmed guests will be Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Clayton Forrester, Crow T. Robot), Frank Conniff (TVs Frank), Mary Jo Pehl (Pearl Forrester), and Bridget Nelson (Mr. B Natural), and they're hoping to get a few more.  It'd be amazing if Joel Hodgson could be there, as well as any of the new MST3K cast, but the party is shaping up nicely.  They'll be doing an evening of short films (a favorite feature of both MST3K and Rifftrax) with participation from the folks joining them.  They're also raising money for a May 5th event featuring the film Time Chasers, a classic from MST3K episode from season eight, as well as two other events to take place later in the year.

As is the case with things of this nature, there's a bunch of really cool stuff available as thank you gifts for helping out.  Swing by the Rifftrax site and do your part, Misties!


George Martin, producer of most of the albums by The Beatles, died yesterday at age 90.  Martin had the savvy to sign The Beatles to Parlophone records in 1962 after several other record labels passed on them.  NICE WORK, GEORGE!  He was behind the board for the majority of their major triumphs and innovations, and even made a couple of appearances on their recordings.  He went on to produce over 700 albums over the course of his career.

This is one of my favorite clips of George Martin.  It comes from a TV special celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  The whole special is available in parts on YouTube, but this section deals specifically with the recording of A Day In the Life.  In it, George is at the mixing desk and he's playing with the faders to isolate different segments of the track.  The most powerful moment is when he isolates John's vocals, and you can see George get lost in the memories.  It's a pretty emotional moment.



6000th (?) BROADCAST

Thursday, March 10th from 6-9 am
KMSU 89.7fm/KMSK 91.3fm/


There are some mornings is just doesn't pay to get out of bed.  Here's the long story...

A couple of months ago a dear friend of ours lost a loved one and we found out about a half hour before the show was to start.  This was one of those losses that you kind of need to be there for them, so Shelley scrambled to their side and I sped up to the station to find some archival Shuffle Function footage to run.  It was cutting it close, but we got the show plugged in and were still able to be there for them.  It was a rough day, and then Shelley was gone for the rest of week and I was all by my lonesome at the station.  Somehow I survived the week.

Flash forward to this week and we're super excited to be marking our 6000th morning show.  You guys have had a lot of great suggestions, and we're very excited to be marking it at the St Peter Food Co-op.  The gear seems to be working and we're getting some stuff together to give away to folks that stop by.  It's gonna be fun.  Then we get a text from a listener saying "hey, I'm doing the math here, and... are you sure it's gonna be 6000 shows?"

Whaaaaa?  We're not mathematicians, but yeah, we're sure.  Then Shelley checks through our log books and her face turns white as Mallory's butt.  I'd post a picture of his butt so you could see, but it's pretty gruesome.  Trust me when I say that Mallory's butt is as white as Shelley's face was.

That morning, when I raced up to the station to get the show plugged in, I accidentally flipped the 2 to a 5.  I INSTANTLY ADDED THREE THOUSAND SHOWS TO OUR LOG BOOKS.  How could that happen?  I'm friggin' amazing like that, that's how.

So why didn't this get caught until now?  I think the biggest reason is that the show number is essentially a benign catalog tool, and it only ever comes into play when you're suddenly "HEY, WE'VE ALMOST DONE 6000 SHOWS (but really it's only 3000)!"  Mostly it's just a number labeling a show, and maybe once in 3000 days is it a source of embarrassment.  Every once and a while there would be an error in the show number, but usually Shelley would catch it when she would enter the playlists.  Since she was gone for the rest of that week I just picked up the next day like there was nothing out of the ordeinary.  Sadly, our "Day Jobs That Support our Radio Habit" suck all our time and energy away from things like entering playlists in a timely fashion, but that really hasn't mattered much... UNTIL NOW.

I mean, if you step back and look at the timeline... sure, it makes ZERO sense data-wise to think you can cram 6000 shows into 12 years, but in another sense 12 years is such a large number that we were like "sure, this makes sense. Big number equals big number".  These three hours are still the best three hours of our day, and they just keep getting more and more fun.  It hasn't ever felt like the time has ground on, and twelve years has passed like nothing, so we didn't even question it.  But you know what isn't fun to us?  MATH.

This is what it looks like when Tim tries to do math.

Honestly, neither one of us is a math champ, but for me it's a paralyzing thing.  Have you ever had to do the "Five Dysfunctions of a Team" exercise?  It's a team building thing that helps groups develop trust and look for ways to improve.  I've had to do it a few times, and it's both enlightening and annoying.  Anyway, there's a part of it where people are supposed to talk about something that has been difficult for them in their lives.  Every single time I've said math.  Nothing makes me feel worse than having to do math.  It's an alien language to me, and I can't make it click.  I even remember the moment in first grade where I first felt paralyzed by it.  It sucks. If I was in a Saw movie the crazy torture would be me being forced to work on a math workbook until I disappeared.

Needless to say, I'm not a big fan of the maths.  So you better believe it when I say I'm in no hurry to actually go and check the figures on virtually anything.  It's makes me extremely qualified to never be an accountant, but weirdly also qualified for radio. Huh.

Anyway, it would have been nice to have noticed this ages ago, but we don't have that luxury.  Do we have the ability to see where we will be in 6000 show's worth of time?  Not yet, but NASA scientists are probably working on it so we can avoid these situations.

So here's the thing.  I really want to be able to celebrate 6000 shows, and since we have no idea what the future holds, WE'RE STILL GOING TO CELEBRATE 6000 SHOWS.  We're going to celebrate the heck out of our 6000th(?) show this Thursday.  Stop by the Co-op and share your favorite memories from our first 3000 shows, as well as our next 3000 shows.  I can't wait to hear what we'll be up to!  I mean, how many more times will we get to sing MacArthur Park on the air?  Speaking of which, we'll be singing MacArthur Park at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, so be sure to join us.  It's gonna be fun.

Yeah.  So this has been embarrassing for me in a way that only numbers can make me feel.  I wanna apologize to Shelley for my mess up, and I also want to thank Tyler for letting me know that I messed up.  Also, in the future if everybody could just take our math with a grain of salt and do the radio equivalent of "oh, it's so cute when they do math (patting radio show hosts on the head)" that would be great.

Ugh.  I'm gonna go bury my head in the sand.  This was such a Shyboy Tim moment.


Monday, March 07, 2016

DAN HARMON: HISTORIAN (or something quite like it)

You might not know Dan Harmon, but there's a chance you're familiar with his work.  He was the mastermind behind Community, the unaired Heat Vision and Jack TV pilot, loads of Channel 101 short films, Rick and Morty, and even an early apperance in Drunk History.

Let's take a look:

FLASH FORWARD;  Dan Harmon has a new series he's doing for the History Channel called Great Minds, where he uses a teleportation device to bring legendary historical figures into the future so he can verify facts on their wikipedia page.  So far there's only two episodes up, but they're pretty funny.  CHECK THEM OUT!



Thursday, March 10th from 6-9 am
KMSU 89.7fm/KMSK 91.3fm/


If you're just tuning in, we're celebrating our 6000th Morning Show THIS THURSDAY with a live broadcast from the St. Peter Food Co-op!  We've never done a live remote broadcast of the morning show before, and we've very excited about it.  Plus, it's a thrill to be partnering with the Co-op on something like this, because they're such an important part of the community.  Seriously, they kick ass.

We're still looking for things we can do during this broadcast beyond the usual.  We'll be giving away swag for sure, but Shelley came up with a great idea this morning.  Why not have our first public sing along of MacArthur Park?  It's something we've been doing since the very first Pledge Drive a-Go-Go over a decade or so, and it's become a tradition on the show.  The thought of wheeling it out and having community members joining in a sing along sounds like a lot of fun, so we hope you guys will join us!

The sing-along will happen at 8:30.  Be at the Co-op with your voice at the ready.  Bring your dance and clapping skills for the Broadway style breakdown, and then get ready to let 'er rip on the big finish!  Don't know the lyrics?  Here they are.  Pay close attention to the bold type at the end, because that's when you get your moment to shine!

Spring was never waiting for us, girl
It ran one step ahead
As we followed in the dance

Between the parted pages
And were pressed in love's hot, fevered iron
Like a striped pair of pants

MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again, oh no

I recall the yellow cotton dress
Foaming like a wave
On the ground around your knees

The birds like tender babies in your hands
And the old men playing checkers, by the trees

MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again, oh no

There will be another song for me
For I will sing it
There will be another dream for me
Someone will bring it
I will drink the wine while it is warm
And never let you catch me looking at the sun
And after all the loves of my life
After all the loves of my life, you'll still be the one

I will take my life into my hands and I will use it
I will win the worship in their eyes and I will lose it
I will have the things that I desire
And my passion flow like rivers through the sky
And after all the loves of my life
Oh, after all the loves of my life
I'll be thinking of you and wondering why

MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again
Oh no, oh no, no, no, oh no

Once again, join us at the St Peter Food Co-op at 8:30 Thursday morning for the first ever out and about MacArthur Park sing-along!  We'll see you there!

Saturday, March 05, 2016


We only get the one chance at doing our 6,000th morning show and so we asked our listeners to come up with some unique ways to celebrate the occasion. Over the last few weeks we received a lot of great suggestions, but one in particular really stood out to us. It involves doing something that we've never done before. And so without further adieu .... DRUM ROLL PLEASE?

This Thursday March 10th we will be 
hosting a live Shuffle Function Morning Show from the St. Peter Food Co-op, 
and you are all invited to join us!

The great folks at The St. Peter Food Co-op are going to open up an hour early to accommodate our radio show hours and so they will be open at 6 a.m. this Thursday morning. We will be setting up Radio Shop in the Deli and we plan on giving away Shuffle Function swag to visitors throughout the morning show. Odds are if you stop in to say hello and grab some breakfast you will be walking out the Co-op doors with a retro Shuffle Function t-shirt! We also have some on-air surprises and special guests joining us this Thursday morning,  so you will want to be sure to stop by the St. Peter Food Co-op or tune in from 6 to 9 a.m.

Rob is getting up early to open up the Co-op for all of us music geeks!
We started the Shuffle Function Morning show nearly 12 years ago, and its still our favorite three hours of the day. Our playlist for the first morning show is not too far off from what you'd hear us play today. Don't believe me? Here is the first playlist:

July 26, 2004 (1) 
1. Velvet Underground - rock n roll 
2. Talking Heads - once in a lifetime 
3. Franz Ferdinand - take me out 
4. Johnny Cash - 5 feet high and rising 
5. The Replacements - white and lazy 
6. Guided By Voices - teenage FBI 
7. Devo - uncontrollable urge 
8. Shooby Taylor - stout hearted man 
9. Ray Charles - mess around 
10. Rick Springfield - don't talk to strangers 
11. They Might Be Giants - I can't hide from my mind 
12. A C Newman - the battle for straight time 
13. Bob Dylan - can't help falling in love 
14. X - world's a mess / it's in my kiss 
15. Pere Ubu - street waves 
16. Rolling Stones - let it loose 
17. Mrs. Miller - these boots are made for walkin' 
18. Modern Lovers - she cracked 
19. Billy Hughes - atomic sermon 
20. Brady Bunch - love me do 
21. Black Arabs - Sex Pistol medley 
22. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - New Jersey turnpike 

From day one the St. Peter Food Co-op has been underwriting Shuffle Function Morning Show. We can't thank them enough for their continued support over the years, and celebrating at the Co-op seems perfect. The last piece of the puzzle is you! Stop by the St. Peter Food Co-op from 6 to 9 a.m. to celebrate with us. We have said this before, and we will say it again: KMSU has the best listeners in the world! Let us thank you in person for tuning in to Shuffle Function every morning and listening to two people spin some records and geek out on the radio.

If you listen to the show then you know that THE ST. PETER FOOD CO-OP IS LOCATED OFF OF MULBERRY STREET IN DOWNTOWN ST. PETER. EVERYONE IS WELCOME EVERYDAY! If your back is to Iowa, the Co-op will be on your left hand side. If you are running towards Iowa, it will be on your right. We will see you bright and early this Thursday morning!