Tuesday, March 01, 2016


Second Halloween 2016 is OVAH!  I hate that we have to wait until Leap Year Day for this day, but that's the law.  PLUS, I hate that it'll be EIGHT YEARS until we could celebrate Second Halloween on the air again, because the next one falls on a Saturday.  GAH!  RAGE!

A huge thank-you to all the Second Halloween trick-or-treaters that stopped by the station for loads of candy!  You should have taken more, because there's plenty left that we really don't need to eat.  Also, thanks to Houdini for being so amazing and fueling our imaginations.  Was that you that knocked during our third attempt to contact you?  Knock once for yes and twice for no. Shelley will try and post audio of the possible communication we received, and then you can judge for yourself.

We'll see you all again in... eight years?  No fair.



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