Friday, March 11, 2016


Thanks to everybody that joined us at the St Peter Food Co-op on Thursday morning!  We had such a great time, and it's always such an honor to thank you guys for all the support you give KMSU throughout the year.  KMSU HAS THE BEST LISTENERS IN THE WORLD!  What's that, other stations?  You claim that YOU have the best listeners?  Oh... it's so cute that you think you're right, BUT YOU ARE NOT!

Pictured above is the special Shuffle Function Strata that the Co-op cooked up for the day.  Wow... it was breathtaking.  Honestly, Shelley and I were both obsessing about it all day Thursday, and it was the first thing we were talking about this morning when we got up to the station.  Here's Tune Town hero Carl enjoying it!

Anyway, we had a great time, and we hope that we can do more of these appearances in the future, if for no other reason than to stretch our legs and get some fresh air!

Here are some photos from the show.  Thanks again, you guys!

Here's Shyboy Tim correcting an honest mistake.

The first song of the day was Velvet Underground's Rock and Roll, 
because it was the first song that we ever played on the morning show.

Hey, gang!  It's Ann from The Frye talking about the upcoming 
full band production of Hank and Rita!  Tickets are now available!

The Frye finally received their dueling #9 Michaelship cards!

Jilly the P came out to try the Strata and show off the very 
first Shuffle Function t-shirt!  (not pictured: Farmer Cap)

Tyler the Math Tsar became a Michael!

Tyler's wife made these great paper flowers for everybody.

Rob came in early to open up the Co-op for us, and then he went on to become 
a Michael!  Rob is heading for a warmer climate, and we'll miss him!

Check out how snazzy radio model Charles is in his swag!

Eric is a Michael!  (not pictured: his scooter)

Tom's a Michael, too!  So many Michaels!

Thanks again to everybody that came out and said hello during the show!  You are all radio heroes!

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