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Gang, the Spring Pledge Drive starts THIS WEDNESDAY!  This is one of two times during the year where we come to you and ask for your generous support to help keep KMSU on the air.  We're hoping you'll take some time and make a donation to help us hit our $35,000 goal for the drive.  $35,000 is nothing to sneeze at, but we're true believers in the station and its place in the community.  With your generosity over the years we were able to finally get a new transmitter for the station, which is sending a strong signal across our broadcast area.  THANK YOU!  Your kindness means everything to us.  With that huge improvement we're continuing to send a strong signal throughout our broadcast area, and that wouldn't be the case without your help.  Now we need to continue building on that.

We've been able to keep building and growing KMSU over the years, and it's a completely different station from than Shuffle Function started up 15 years ago.  The schedule is evolving, and we've appreciated all the feedback you've given us about it.  KMSU needs to continue building and evolving to reach a diverse audience, and the funds raised during these pledge drives are going to help us in our mission to serve the community.

Please take a moment and consider the place KMSU holds in your life.  If you listen to the station regularly, if you've found shows that you know and love, then you're probably a true believer, and you realize that what KMSU offers to you and the community can't be found anywhere else.  This kind of programming can only continue with the generous support of our listeners, and we hope you'll give us a call or pledge online to help us out.  Any amount makes a huge difference, but we have some great swag available at different pledge levels to hopefully nudge you towards making a contribution.  And now...



Mr. Specific strikes again with another DVD featuring his unique video forays into the fringes of society, and this one promises to be the creepiest yet!  Every Spring, just in time for pledge drive, a nondescript brown paper bag with an unmarked DVD arrives at the Shuffle Function office door.  Don't miss out on the 9th weird installment!


Last year's Spring shirt was the most popular we've ever had, so we turned to Kaitlin Baumann, the woman that created that popular design, to come up with something equally amazing.  She didn't let us down!  This year's shirt shows "Mancamp In the Morning".  Long time listeners know that Mancamp the Hamster is the little guy that runs our texting machine.  When a text comes in he hops on the hamster wheel, and that shoots your texts up to our computer.  It's all very complicated and we don't pretend to understand the technology, but he works like a maniac to keep things up and running.  Also, as you can see above, he's not a morning person.

Kaitlin dun good.  All the cool kids will be wearing the new shirt, so obviously that means you!  Available in S to 2XL.


Wear your KMSU pride right on your chest!  Get this shirt with the KMSU logo on your left pocket side!  It's on a gleaming white T that will surely get you welcome attention from all the cool kids.  Comes in S-XXL.  It also pairs nicely with...

$50 - KMSU HAT

For only $50 you can wear your KMSU pride dramatically on your noggin!  This hat features the KMSU logo across the front, and comes in Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.  It's a nice classy grey, so it goes with casual togs or with that tux/gown you're gonna be wearing to the opera.  Fits on even the biggest head!

For the thrifty listener who wants to save a buck but score some sweet premiums!  You will receive the new Shuffle Function t-shirt PLUS the Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television #9 DVD.  It doesn't take a math genius to see that this is one heck of a deal!

KMSU is one of the rare spots on the dial to carry World Cafe, and this CD collects some of the recent amazing in-studio performances from both old and new musical favorites!

The Cadillac of premiums, this allows you to join us during the morning show for two hours and control the playlist!  You bring your music collection and get to play DJ and we just push buttons and talk too much.  With this you also get the brand new Shuffle Function t-shirt, the new Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television #9 DVD, and CD copy of your two hours of radio infamy to share with family and friends.


Sly & the Family Stone were trailblazers.  They were the first fully integrated and multi-gender rock band, and they were funky as hell.  Their influence spans decades.  Heck, they even made Miles Davis decide to go jazz rock fusion, ushering in an era of innovation with albums like Bitches Brew and On the Corner. You know you're something special when you inspire a jazz titan like Miles to completely change his sound.  Nice work, Sly & the Family Stone!

What you're getting on the 5 CDs that make up the Original Album Classics set is the first five albums by Sly & the Family, plus bonus tracks!  This is the music that brought virtually undiluted funk to a broad audience, and it provided the template for urban soul, funk & hip-hop.  Prince, Michael Jackson, George Clinton and scores of others were informed by their sound, and you can hear Sly's music sampled on countless hip hop recordings.  They're kind of a big deal.

You can get the Sly & the Family Stone Original Albums Collection when you pledge at the $100 level during the Spring Pledge Drive.  It's solid gold stuff, gang.  Don't go without it a minute longer.

Check out this raging performance they gave in 1969 at the Harlem Cultural Festival.  This is the sound of a band starting a fire.

"Don't hate the black.  Don't hate the white.  If you get bitten, just hate the bite."

You can sponsor an entire day of radio on KMSU with this premium.  Commemorate a birthday or anniversary, surprise the music geek in your life, treat the new graduate, or celebrate the music of your favorite musician!  These are just a few ways that you can use a KMSU Day Sponsorship.  A personalized message will also be read throughout the day so the whole world knows that you are a super cool person that supports independent radio!

There's the swag!  Drop us a line with questions, but most of all drop us a line with your support! Remember, the 2016 Pledge Drive THIS WEDNESDAY at six a.m.!  Give early and give often!  We are counting on you!

CALL 389-5678 OR  1-800-456-7810 AND MAKE YOUR PLEDGE, OR MAKE YOUR DONATION ONLINE!  (Don't forget to specify KMSU as your pledge recipient!)

Thanks for being the best listeners in the world!

CALL 507-389-5678 or
1-800-456-7810 to pledge!

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