Monday, April 18, 2016


Here's Carl, owner of Tune Town, Mankato's very own independent record store.  Have you heard that WCCO declared it the best record store in Minnesota?  It seems like we can't say that enough.  Anyway, Tune Town was our host for Record Store Day 9, and it was amazing.  Carl, as usual, pulled out all the stops, and this one was the best yet.  You know what we're talking about if you were there, but here are loads and loads of photos for the folks that couldn't make it.

Seriously, there are quite a few photos.

We got to Tune town at five a.m. and there was already a line!   In years past it has been in the 20s and windy, so everyone was very grateful that temps were in the 60s for much of the night.

People started trying to get a glimpse of what was inside once the sun came up.

Hey, there's that Half Japanese collection!

Carl, our gracious host, brought out some killer Coffee Hag coffee for us.

This was the scene by eight a.m., but the line was still growing by the time doors opened.

Lola's Food Truck was on hand to make sure the record nerds weren't record hoarding on an empty stomach.  Their biscuits and gravy was THE BEST.

You know you've found a record store home when it stocks The Shaggs, The Fleshtones, and Zappa on the same shelf.

One of the big hits this year was the room full of dollar LPs, DVDs, and CDs.  There was some quality stuff to be found that room, and it proved to by Shyboy Tim's downfall.

This is what Tune Town looked like for most of the day.

This is where Carl lived all day.

I wish they would have had these shirts for sale!

We played Radio Roulette for a couple of hours!

The bags were pretty sweet this year.

Carl found Shyboy Tim this disturbing Mountain Tales ventriloquist record.

Free plays on the jukebox, which is good because it has Think on it!

iLL POE took the stage in the middle of the day.  There were lots of great bands that played during RSD9, but we didn't get photos of them.  Big thanks to Barbara Jean, The Frye, Christopher Columbus White Devil, and Jill.  We know you played, and there's has to be evidence somewhere!

770 Radio K RULES!

You also know you've found your record store home 
when they carry Taiwanese pressings of Beatles albums.

The Ultrasounds ended the night by tearing the roof off the joint!

Once again, congratulations to Carl and everyone at Tune Town for running such a smooth Record Store Day.  What kind of wonders will there be next year when RSD turns ten?  Whatever they are, we'll probably be paying a pretty penny for them.  See you then!

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