Thursday, April 28, 2016

THE KMSU PLEDGE DRIVE IS OVER (or put down that Frank Stallone record, Carl)!

WOW!  Last night's record party was a blast, and you guys really knocked it out of the park!  At 9:45 Wednesday night KMSU was able to call off its pledge drive, and it was all because generous listeners like you took a moment to give generously to 89.7 The Maverick.  We're all so grateful up here, and you'll be hearing us express that gratitude for quite a while.  Honestly, you guys are the best.

Here are some photos from last night's party.  As you can tell, Carl loves Frank Stallone a little too much,and he also opened up a still sealed Count Floyd EP to share with the group!

Shelley, Supreme Ruler of Sound, and Dave from Free Form Freakout


Public Nuisance!  If you like The White Stripes, you'll love these guys!

Mo brought an Isley Brothers album and offered it as a premium!

Guse brought in a sweet Japanese album by The Ventures!


  1. Cramps - Tear It Up
  2. Dynamite - Tunnel to Heaven
  3. Public Nuisance - Love Is A Feeling
  4. Doris - I Wish I Knew
  5. The Lentils - A Theory of Drowning/The Bed Is the Killer
  6. Betsy Trotter - Poison
  7. Larry Kingston - Kamikaze Heart
  8. Isley Brothers - Hello, It's Me
  9. Hamilton (original broadway recording) - The Room Where It Happens
  10. Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night
  11. The Ventures - Eve of Destruction
  12. Gogol Bordello - Illumination
  13. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Mercy Seat
  14. Zucchero & Company w/ John Lee Hooker - I Lay Down
  15. Thou and The Body - Terrible Lie
  16. Heron Oblivian - Faro
  17. The Remains - Heart
  18. Count Floyd - The Gory Story of Duane and Debbie
  19. Redd Kross - Peach Kelli Pop
  20. Robert Ellis - Sing Along
  21. Paradise Lost - No Hope In Sight
  22. Sonny Knight & the Lakers - Day Tripper
  23. Outcasts - Long Tall Sally
  24. Frank Sinatra - Everybody's Twistin
  25. Tripticon - A Thousand Lies
  26. Lifetones - Goodside

Friggin' Frank Stallone...

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