Thursday, May 05, 2016

I'd Take Awhile

I learned yesterday that there are Smiths fans and then THERE ARE SMITHS FANS. Chris Gethard and Thomas Lennon definitely fall into the latter category and I realize that I must fall into the first. I have never been great at remembering song titles, who played on what, and have even spent most of my adult life mispronouncing album covers (i.e. Hateful Of Hollow). If I were to enter into this conversation I know that I would end up just getting "hit in the face" by Thomas Lennon, who throws that threat around willy-nilly at all the Smiths haters, and I love The Smiths!

Chris Gethard sporting one of two Smiths tattoos - the other is a tattoo of Morrissey's actual signature!
 I don't find myself angry at them for being bigger geeks than I am. It actually inspired me to include some more Smiths into my life as soon as I can. Which sent me down a bit of a Smiths you tube wormhole yesterday. But before you fall down the same path as I did, you have to watch this clip. I think even if you can't stand The Smiths, you will still get a kick out of how uber-geeky these two get with each other. It's adorable!

And this is where the wormhole started. First I watched the clip that Thomas Lennon mentions of Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl. Lennon states he was unable to attend this show because he had been asked to do stand-up for a cancer fund-raiser. He mentions this regret because this is the show where Morrissey breaks down on stage sobbing during Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want. I put their conversation on hold, googled it immediately and found myself crying along with Morrissey!

Oh - Tim just informed me I had the wrong clip - here is the clip that Thomas Lennon referenced.


 Another moment requiring a google search came at the mention of the Live At The Hacienda shows, perhaps the earliest recordings of The Smiths live out there. Gethard and Lennon use such sacred language in reference to the Hacienda recordings that I was expecting to hear something on par with Jerry Lee Lewis at The Star Club or The Beatles in Hamburg. So I had to see for myself. And yeah, they aren't lying! Other than my jaw dropping reaction to seeing Morrissey hit those falsetto notes is the utter ease at Johnny Marr's guitar playing. He looks like he could do it in his sleep if push came to shove.

It just got worse from here on out - I have never looked up you tube clips as much as I did yesterday. Here are some more finds -Frankly Mr. Shankly with horns! Thomas Lennon has a copy of this (along with 5 other lucky ducks)!

I love the stories behind the impossible guitar riff from This Charming Man too.

An article by Chuck Klosterman on The Smiths? I used to love him but can't stand him as of recently, but I will bite on this. Here is a link to Viva! Morrissey by Chuck Klosterman.

What they refer to as their favorite Morrissey song, this is a cover of Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself by The Killers.

And the bookend song to Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself, according to Thomas Lennon (and I will not argue with him) You Know I Couldn't Last.

The Smiths song Thomas Lennon was asked to whistle on for a cover project, that he'd never heard of before is I Keep Mine Hidden from Louder Than Bombs.

Here is Janice Whaley do the a-capella version of The Boy With A Thorn In His Side, that Chris Gethard highly reccomended.

I also found many videos of the man that Thomas Lennon believes to know more about Morrissey than maybe even Morrissey, Jose Maldonado. His cover band Sweet and Tender Hooligans will be playing on Morrissey's birthday out west, if you happen to be heading that direction at the end of the month.

I have never heard of Jose Maldonado, but after watching this clip below I will try to catch his radio show!

They say it like it's common knowledge, but I had never heard of the Strangeways Prison Riot until yesterday. Watch this clip and you will never have to admit your ignorance again.

The best Smiths song comitted to vinyl, in Chris Gethard's opinion is below, I Know It's Over from their album Rank.

For Thomas Lennon, his favorite is The Smith's tune I Want The One I Can't Have. Fun fact - Lennon's twitter account states you can find him "Behind A Disused Railway Line".

The song that made Johnny Marr cry the first time he heard Morrissey's lyrics, Death Of A Disco Dancer.

The saddest moment of the entire conversation comes when Thomas Lennon describes a show he attended in which he left I little too early. I don't want to give any spoilers to The Grey here, so you should watch it for yourself. It starts at about 43 minutes in. I will say this though - the look these two exchange with each other when they realize what was missed is the saddest acknowledgement of despair I have ever witnessed. To be honest I tear up watching this.

Well that's it. If you listen to the show, you know that I have deemed a number of songs to be "45 minutes or longer", which means they are painfully brief to me. I deem this conversation on The Smiths needs to be two hours or longer! Maybe someday it will. If reading this or watching their conversation leads you down a wormhole, please feel free to share with me where you ended up. I'd love to hear from you.


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