Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I'm always grateful when idle web browsing for several hours actually gives me something that makes it appear that I haven't wasted an entire evening.  This was the case when I discovered a fascinating documentary on Hulu called Children of the Stars, which takes a look at the science fiction based philosophy of Unarius.  When  I came across the film in the Documentary section (which is where I'll usually nose around when I'm looking for questionable conspiracy or paranormal documentaries) I couldn't recall why the subject seemed so familiar.  Then I realized it's because a few years ago Dangerous Minds posted something about them and a lost interview segment that Jello Biafra did for Richard Metzger two decades ago.

I like Jello Biafra, but sometimes he's a little too smug and self righteous for me to stomach.  Those qualities are on display in this video clip, where he interviews members of Unarius in their Academy of Science.  In his defense, it's pretty easy to think that Unarius is an insane organization.  They believe that Star Wars is a factual representation of ancient space wars that impact us today, and that aliens will be visiting us soon.  Their founder, Ruth E. Norman (aka Uriel), predicted that the aliens would arrive in 2001, but after 9/11 the visit was cancelled because earth clearly wasn't ready.

The Unarians are also strong believes in past lives across space and time.  Members feel that they have met others in their group thousand or millions of years earlier on different planets.  These past lives have been documented by the group in several films that they have produced.  Group members play their past lives selves in the movies, and the results are a real trip.

They also have a glee club...

The great thing about Children of the Stars is that it doesn't have to approach the subjects with an eye aimed at poking fun of the subject.  These people truly believe in their philosophy, and some of the people that are in the film become quite emotional when they discuss how Uranius has helped them deal with problems they have had in their life. They present themselves in an honest light, and it just so happens that they come off as pretty far out.

The founders of the organization have passed away, but somehow the organization continues on.  Their books, videos, and CDs are all available to order off of uranius.org, and their academy still operates in El Cajon, California.

Happy viewing!


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