Saturday, May 21, 2016

SEE JOHN CALE (AND FRIENDS) PERFORM THE FIRST VU ALBUM LIVE (or "I could listen to him say Lou all day long...")

A little over a month ago, John Cale performed the first Velvet Underground album in its entirety at La Pihamonie in Paris.  It's one of those gigs that you know will never happen anywhere near you, and you just have to take it on faith that it was amazing... UNTIL NOW!

Cale just posted a link to a great film of the performance.  He performs the first album, plus several other Velvet Underground songs, with special guests like The Libertines and Animal Collective.  It's a pretty riveting performance, and I could listen to John Cale's voice forever.  Now he just needs to come within a day of Mankato again, and then MAYBE I'll get a chance to see him.

There's no embed code, so click HERE to see the show!


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