Thursday, May 19, 2016


The final sketch of the night on any given Saturday Night Live episode is usually reserved for the weirdest piece of the show.  Usually, it's the one that makes the cast laugh but it falls flat for the audience.  These sketches are called the "Ten-to-one" sketch, because it airs at 10 to 1 in New York.  The ULTIMATE 10 to 1 sketch originally aired in 2009 when Blake Lively guest hosted the show, and it's the sketch that made realize that Will Forte is a comedy god.

"The Potato Chip Sketch" is one of those incredible Saturday Night Live moments that will never make it to a best of DVD, but it will be viewed with reverence by fans of the show.  It may be the weirdest sketch that has ever aired on SNL, and that's saying something.  It's the kind of sketch that makes you wonder "who the hell thought of this?"  Luckily, Mike Ryan at UPROXX is the kind of guy that decided to find the answer to that question.

I'm a sucker for oral histories, and I'm also a sucker for comedy writers breaking down their craft, so 'Potato Chip': The Behind-the-Scenes story of the Weirdest 'SNL' Sketch Ever is the perfect storm for me.  It has stories about an earlier unaired version featuring Taylor Swift (Will Forte: "Taylor Swift was very pro Potato Chip."), tidbits about about the unaired rehearsal version (Forte: "....The dress rehearsal version is probably about two and a half minutes longer."), and the reaction from a very small, but rabid, fan base (Seth Meyers: "But I read [the letter] and it was the most in-depth analysis of why "Potato Chip" was the greatest sketch that had ever been written on 'SNL'.)

You need to read this behind-the-scenes look at my favorite 'SNL' sketch of all time, or at least you do if you like weird comedy.  I'm so glad this article exists, because it gives me one more excuse to post "The Potato Chip Sketch" on the blog.  Happy viewing, nerds!


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