Monday, June 13, 2016


Did you guys hear Jenny on this morning's show?  Fun birthday playlist, huh?  You may remember Jenny from Intergalactic Bacon Day 2016, when she came up and made custom shaved ice for us, courtesy of Gypsy Ice.  She even created three custom flavors for the day, which was pretty awesome of her.

Via Gypsy Ice we have a real live benefit to being a card carrying Michael of the Michael MiMcDonald Society of Silver Fox Impersonators (Takin' it to the streets since 2014)! If you swing by the Gypsy Ice stand at the Farmer's Market outside the St Peter Food Co-op and Deli, you can actually order the three custom Shuffle Function flavors: Lookee Here, My Boy Shyboy, and Legendary Stardust Sunrise!  PLUS, if you show your Michaelship card you can get a medium sized shaved ice for the price of a small!

Gypsy Ice has lots of great flavors, but the Shuffle Function flavors are fancy off the menu treats made if requested.  SUPER ELITE TREATS, YOU GUYS! Never leave home without your Michaelship card!

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