Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Dave from Free Form Freakout has just released the two latest projects from Round Bale Recordings. You're going to want to check them out!

RBR-004 Final Seed - Self Titled

With previous cassettes out on Alien Passengers and Fag Tapes, along with a recent split with Dylan Nyoukis (Chocolate Monk, Blood Stereo, etc.), Jameson Sweiger’s Final Seed project has been ramping-up activity in the past couple of years. His latest finds him pushing the levels of discomfort to new extremes with his zoned-out, minimal synth pulsations and ukulele plunks forming an aural gridlock for his broken tongue, epiglottal vocal utterances to break free from. Sweiger’s work bears linkages to Phil Minton’s feral oeuvre, yet it is firmly planted in the contemporary sound art here-and-now with his own crudely D.I.Y. minimalist approach.  Available via Bandcamp.

RBR-003 Termite Acropolis - Dedication in Vinegar

“Dedication in Vinegar” is the first solo release from Clay Kolbinger under the name Termite Acropolis. For tape-based music, there is a remarkable sense of clarity and depth to the five pieces spread across this release. Through a myriad of clanks and clatters, hidden and not-so-hidden rhythmic patterns emerge and morph, shifting one’s focal point towards something buried even further in the mix only to find you chasing down that initial misidentified loop. In places it sounds like a punk-primitive take on the seething audio confusion that Rashad Becker concocted with hisTraditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I. But, hell, that’s just reaching for an elusive reference point that slips away the moment you think you have a firm grasp on this material. Available via Bandcamp.

Dave is one of those guys that has impeccable taste in music, and it's always good to take notice when he puts something out on Round Bale Recordings.  You might also want to be sure to check out the FFFoxy Podcast, which airs Monday nights on KMSU.  You can also download it from the Free Form Freakout webpage.

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