Monday, August 08, 2016


Dave from Free Form Freakout turned us on to the music of David Nance a few weeks ago, and let us know that he was lining up this show at the Nakato on August 24th.    It's really great stuff.  Low fi hooky guitar music that will shake the walls and make you beg for more.  He has several album available via Bandcamp, but his most recent is More Than Enough, which is on the Ba Da Bing label.  This was my introduction, and I immediately tracked down anything I could.  That's the kind of music this is.

We hope to see you guys on August 24th for David Nance's show at Nakato Bar & Grill.  KMSU and The Nakato are presenting it, and there's no cover, which is nice.  It starts at nine p.m., and you won't regret staying up late on a school night!  That reminds me... it's a 21+ show, you guys.

Here's a recent live appearance Nance made on WFMU in June of this year.  It's a free download, too, so go nuts!


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