Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy 116th birthday to Dora Hall, the queen of vanity records!  Long time listeners know that we're big fans of Dora and her hard bought career.  She had aspirations to become a pop star, and doggone it, her husband supported that dream.  He used his fortune that he built from creating the Solo Cup Company to invest in a recording and television career for Dora.  She issued countless albums and singles, and even filmed a few television specials.  All of these things were  available to order exclusively through ads on Solo Cup packaging.

She has become notorious for having more money than talent backing up her career, but the truth is that Dora has a diverse and fascinating catalog of music.  What she may lack in vocal chops is more than made up for with her enthusiasm and total commitment.  Those factors ultimately make her music very entertaining.

One of the things that's so much fun about being a Dora Hall fan is the entire process of discovery.  She put out albums several times with different titles and jackets, and issued them on a number of different labels that existed only to put out her music.  The same goes for her singles, which will find songs paired up with different A and B sides on different labels.

Recently, we made a completely unexpected discovery via our obsession with Dora's version of The Green Door.  For reasons unknown, Dora issued no less than THREE different recordings of the song across two albums and two known single releases.  I say 'two known' because discographies seem to vary, depending on where you go.  One site has something that another doesn't, etc.

The first version of Green Door that caught our ear was the one found on the Premore Records release of Dora's One More Time LP (Premore PL-9204).  Her vocals are sassy and she throws in these charming laughs throughout the performance.  This recording also features a scorching guitar solo that lights things up.  Something about this recording really illuminates the believe that she was backed by members of The Wrecking Crew for some of her sessions.  From the moment the funky bass locks in with the drums, we're entering the realm of impressive session players, and that guitar solo is the icing on the cake.  Not only is this a superior take on The Green Door by Dora, but it's a performance that stands out in her much maligned catalog.

When we initially discovered this version of The Green Door we hadn't quite gone pro with our Dora Hall fandom, so we didn't take note of what the source was for this version.  If you were to do searches online you could find records of the album release, but no track listings, so the only things that would pop up were a couple of different singles featuring her take on the song.  As a result, we thought we had misplaced our single of it (since we hadn't been taking note of what we had accumulated) and acted to replace it.

In walks a single from Reinbeau Records (1902).  We had a day on the radio show where we were playing all vinyl, so at some point we anxiously dropped the needle on the single.  It was at this point we confusedly realized that the single take differed from the one we fell in love with.  The same funky backing track is there, but Dora's vocals are completely different. This performance is much more croony, and the laughs she threw in on the other version were completely missing.  Even more notably absent is the guitar solo.  The area where we heard it before was left entirely to the backing track.

I wouldn't say we were disappointed, but more confused.  We never expected there to be variations of the same song in her catalog.  At this point we were left wondering just HOW MANY variations there were.  Knowing that she put out different cover variations of her records, not to mention the appearance of songs across several different singles, opened the door to the possibility that this could be a regular thing.  At this point it became our mission to figure out just how many different ways this song had been done.

The next single we came across was issued on Calamo Records (1902).  One thing that seems to be consistent is that singles for certain songs carry the same catalog number across different releases.  The same applies to the LP releases.  Interestingly, it doesn't seem to matter that the b-sides are different.  The twist is that in some cases each song appears to have its own catalog number.  On the Reinbeau release, The Green Door has #1902, while its b-side, She's Coming Back, has #401.  The Calamo version also carries #1902, but the b-side of Here Comes The Heartache is #PE -616.  So, on top of the endless variations of albums and singles, we have differing catalog numbers on the same release.  Indexing is a nightmare.

But I digress.  The Calamo Records single holds yet another take on The Green Door!  Again, it shares the same backing track, and it's missing the guitar solo, but it has a third unique vocal take.  On this one Dora is really working the song.  She brings a swagger to her vocals that isn't present on the other two versions.  At some points she does some things stylistically that bring Elvis to mind, but overall she's really leaning into this song.

This just built the mystery up.  Each version seems to going for a different feel vocally, and there must have been some reason for wanting to put out different versions of the same song.  Were they recorded at different points in her career?  Did she just want to keep revisiting the track because it was a particular favorite of hers?

This brings us to the Cozy Records release of her One More Time LP (PL-9204).   While it's the same album in name, this release has a different cover.  The back also features different photos and copy regarding Dora.  The label has a variant in that it has two different colored stars on it, versus the Premore release that has two same colored stars.  Even more interestingly, they have the same track listing and versions of tracks, except for one song.  The Green Door on this version of the LP features a different vocal take!  This version also appears on the Calamo Records single.  BUT WHY????

It would have been the easiest thing in the world to press up more copies of the same record and just swap out the jackets, but they decided not to go that route.  What was it about this version that made it necessary to swap it out?  It gets fuzzy with chronology here, because none of Dora Hall's records have any dates on them, so it's unclear which versions came first.  There are dates on Discogs, but it's unclear how these dates were determined.  Did Dora put out the Calamo Records single and the Cozy version of the LP first and then determine that the Premore version was superior?  Was it the other way around?  Did she consider the Cozy and Premore takes the definitive version, and that's why it was released twice?


This opened a real can of worms about Dora's entire catalog.  Ultimately, we want to do a complete evaluation of all the variations in her body of work and compile them on a website.  Sadly, time is something we need and it seems too scarce to focus on this project on a regular basis.  Ideally, this kind of post will become a regular thing, and you'll be able to find them at  Someday we'll be able to give Dora the academic treatment she deserves!

Anyway, happy 116th birthday, Dora!  Thanks for the mystery.



I never have enough time to sit and watch scary movies during the Halloween season, but I made a point of it yesterday.  First, I went to a matinee of Ouija: Origin Of Evil, which was far better than the first Ouija movie.  It had some great scares and suspense, and tone-wise it felt closer to films like The Conjuring.  After that I decided to head home and watch movies for the rest of the day.

At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to see, but as I considered everything I love about the Halloween season, I decided that I wanted to go old school.  The older movies are fun even if they get campy and weird, and I'm consistently entertained by them.  It was at that point that I realized that the evening was going to be dedicated to the movies of William Castle.

Who is William Castle?  If you attend Grind-Fu Cinema you might know him as the guy that directed House On Haunted HIll, a fun and creepy Vincent Price movie that came out in 1959.  Castle was a director and producer, but he was also quite a showman.  He would always have some gimmick with his movies to enhance the experience for the moviegoers.  There was Emergo, where he had a giant skeleton fly over the audience, and The Fright Break, where people were shown a clock on the screen and given the opportunity to leave the theater before things got too intense.  He had special viewers made so people could see ghosts during a movie, and he hooked theater seats up to buzzers to shock viewers.  During one film he even gave viewers a chance to vote for how they would like to movie to end.

For many of his films, William Castle would even shoot a funny macabre intro, similar to the intros that Alfred Hitchcock would shoot for his television show.  He'd crack bad puns and give folks an idea of how the gimmicks would work during the film.  One thing that was really fun about these intros was that it showed just how much Castle loved what he did.  He loved making movies and scaring people, and it paid off in box office receipts.  His movies were ghoulish and weird, but mostly they were FUN.

There are quite a few William Castle movies on YouTube and scattered around the interwebs, so I'm posting them here.  They're great to watch with friends, so gathering everyone around and enjoy these fantastic movies.


"Macabre" (1958) by William Castle - HD Quality by ultimateclassics
The Tingler by crazedigitalmovies
Homicidal (1961) by MargaliMorwentari
13 Ghosts (1960) - Feature by FilmGorillas
Mr. Sardonicus by FilmGorillas


Holy Cow! Where did the month of October go? It seems like just yesterday we were excited to finally be able to play Halloween music, Judson Fountain Radio Drammers and Shuffle Function Radio Roulette. This year we finally did something that we'd been talking about for years, we conducted a series of E.S.P. Radio Tests. I want to thank everyone who participated in the tests. As I'd mentioned before, there have been a number of incidents in which either Tim or myself would play a song only to have a listener call or text us that they were just going to request that particular tune. This has lead us to believe that our KMSU listeners are psychic. Our working theory for the E.S.P. Radio Tests was to prove our disprove that fact.

Over the last three weeks we have conducted six different tests.  As promised we are sharing the results today during the morning show. I would like to share with you those results now. Please keep in mind that the tests were all taken anonymously, so I cannot point to one or more of you specifically and say "You are psychic". But by the end of this I will be able to tell you if KMSU listeners showed psychic abilities or not. For each test we followed the same routine. There would be ten questions on each test, and listeners would have ten seconds to answer each question. We filmed each test to document the procedure. As determined by the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory, listeners would have to score more than chance to signify psychic abilities. That means scoring higher than a two on each test. When scoring the tests, all of the numbers were added up and then averaged from each participant's score. What this means is that during one test it would be possible for someone to score a six, and for several more to score zeros and the average would then be tallied. This is by far the most mathematical sentence I have had to write since graduating high school. So let's look at the test results.

TEST WEEK ONE - October 11th and 13th

The tests this week was conducted with the color cards and consisted of us shuffling the deck and randomly choosing ten cards from the deck to be utilized in the test. At no point during the test did we look at the cards, we only shared each card with the camera that was filming the test. 

Results for October 11th were chance, resulting in no psychic abilities. 

Results for October 13th was also chance, resulting in no psychic abilities. 

TEST WEEK TWO - October 18th and 20th

During this week we utilized the cards with shapes on them. Again the cards were shuffled at random and ten cards were chosen from the deck. In this week we actually looked at the cards while performing the test and tried to transmit it's identity to those taking it. 

Results for October 18th was less than chance,  resulting in no psychic abilities.

Results for October 20th was more than chance, results showing the presence of psychic abilities.

TEST WEEK THREE - October 25th and 27th

This week's test was conducted with color cards on October 25th and symbol cards on the 27th. This test was done completely blind. The deck was shuffled, the ten cards randomly chosen from the deck, and then each card placed in an envelope. At no time were the cards viewed, not even during the test itself. Afterwards the cards were revealed to the camera filming the test. Let it be noted that this week was by far the strongest results we received for the presence of psychic abilities. Most if not all of the participants scored higher than chance.

Results for October 25th was more than chance, results showing the presence of psychic abilities.

Results for October 27th were more than chance, results showing the presence of psychic abilities.

So with six tests complete, we had three tests that showed no psychic abilities and three tests that did. That meant that we would have to average all of the test results combined to get our answer, so that is what I did. Again, participants would have to score more than chance to confirm psychic skills. In this case that meant that participants had to score more than 98. When added up, the number we got was 120. What does that mean?


Again - a big thanks to everyone who participated in these tests. I anticipate that we will be sharing some of the videos soon from the testing, so that you can see how the tests went. From now on we will no longer be so surprised when we get that phone call saying "I was just going to request that song!". Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 30, 2016


There was a glorious period of time when major television markets had regular late night horror movie programming.  The station would buy up blocks of movies to show during their schedule, and inevitably there would be a bunch of horror and sci-fi films in the mix.  It's because of programming like this that so many obscure and z-grade films (Ed Wood, I'm talking to you) are remembered today, and it's also how many of the the people that went on to create the horror and sci-fi that we know and love first developed their love of these genres.

Some of these channels came up with their own horror host to present the films.  They would create a persona, develop costumes and sets, and create an environment best suited for seeing the weird and bizarre genre creations that hit the screen.  There are legends among these hosts that get mentioned regularly: Vampira (as seen in Plan 9 From Outer Space, Ghoulardi (played by director Paul Thomas Anderson's dad Ernie Anderson), Elvira, Svengoolie, and so many more.  They were funny, they were weird, and they introduced their viewers to an entire world or ghoulish cinematic delights.

Three days ago a legendary Horror Host passed away.  John Zacherley, known best to his fans as just Zacherley died at age 98.  Between 1957 and 1960 he hosted Shock Theater out on WCAU in Philadelphia and WABC in New York.  Zacherley would present the films with his lab assistant Igor, and would occasionally break into the movie to perform a comedy routine.  This developed the template for how Horror Hosts would present their programming, and it's still being followed today.  He also recorded Dinner With Drac, a top ten novelty song, and hosted a teen dance show called Disc-O-Teen.  Actually, he built a lifelong career out of the character that he only played on TV for four years.

Because of the era he broadcast during, there isn't a lot of footage in existence of Zacherley in action.  What is available was assembled into a compilation called Zacherley archives, which someone has kindly posted on YouTube.


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Saturday, October 29, 2016


It is the weekend before Halloween and I'm at home just hanging out and trying to recover from a ridiculously busy week. Did you get it? Just hanging out? ANYWAY - A big thanks to all of the Radio Heroes who have called, texted or emailed in their pledges during the first few days of the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive. Talking to so many of you and hearing why you love and support KMSU is always inspiring and humbling. If you have not yet pledged, please don't forget to do so by next Friday. We hope to end the Pledge Drive on November 4th, and we can only do it with the help of all our listeners. Scroll on down the blog and have a look at all the thank you gifts we have available when you make a pledge. There are a lot to choose from, but more importantly your financial support keeps KMSU blasting out of you radio. That is a thank you gift all it's own/


On Monday we will be playing Lux Interior's Purple Knif Radio Show to celebrate Halloween. In between flipping over record sides, we will of course play some music by The Cramps. That means last week was my last time to play Halloween music, and I forgot to play two of my favorites. Thank goodness I can at least play them here on our blog.

The first song is a bit creepy on it's own, but when you toss it into the soundtrack of the film Zodiac it becomes shiver inducing. Have a listen to Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan.


The second song I forgot to play is Knoxville Girl by The Louvin Brothers. I did a Countdown To Halloween Blogpost on this dark lyric song a few years back after hearing it for the first time. I'd place it along the likes of Jack Kittel's Psycho. Have a listen.

Have a great rest of your Saturday everybody, and try to watch a scary movie if you can. Don't forget that on Monday morning we will be revealing all the data from the six E.S.P. Radio Tests we did. Are KMSU listeners psychic? You will have to tune in to find out!


Friday, October 28, 2016


We geek out over Halloween on Shuffle Function, but that's probably pretty obvious by now.  I mean, we do these daily Halloween blogposts, but we also start playing spooky music immediately on October 1st.  There are songs that listeners regularly request, like Werewolf Barmitzvah, Leslie Hall's Zombie Killer, and Jacob The Bard's I Will Survive The Zombie Apocalypse that are in permanent rotation throughout the month.  We even play Judson Fountain radio "drammers" every day as a countdown to Halloween, then on Halloween we play Lux Interior's Purple Knif show, because The Cramps are essentially the houseband of Halloween.

We have many traditions.

One tradition we have that have a very dedicated following is when we play a very intense and terrifying recording of a prank that was pulled live on the air in 1952 by the Armed Forces Radio Network.  Last week I wrote about how the terror we see in The Blair Witch Project is real, and that's what people heard during the broadcast of this prank.  You hear the very real panic in the voice of an unsuspecting reporter inserted into a terrifying situation.

On Halloween Night in 1952, Armed Forces radio decided to broadcast live from the actual Frankenstein Castle that is credited with inspiring Mary Shelley to write the classic novel Frankenstein.  AFN sent reporter Carl Nelson into the decaying castle to do a special Halloween broadcast.  Nelson was the new guy, so the crew decided to play a prank on him.  There was no light in the castle, other than the moonlight streaming in when the clouds broke, and Nelson's flashlight.  The environment was basically designed to let the imagination run wild.

Nelson entered a room in the castle and begins describing what he sees, when there's suddenly a very loud bang.  He is started, and you can hear in his voice just how unnerved he is by the scare.  As he continues talking his panic doesn't waver, and Nelson starts explaining how crazy it is for him to be so upset because he doesn't believe in monsters or the supernatural.  It becomes clear, however, that he's doing more than just talking to the audience.  Nelson is actually trying to psych himself up so he'll believe that there's nothing unusual going on.

Nelson then gasps.  After a pause he registers disbelief, because he believes he just saw a statue of Frankenstein's Monster move.  Then he sees it move again.  It's at this point that his fear is out of control, and he realizes he needs to leave immediately.  He runs to the door but soon finds it locked.  We hear his desperate pleadings for help in the distance, as he dropped his microphone while making a hasty retreat.

The entire recording is riveting.  Honestly, he's so terrified that one has to believe that it was lucky he didn't suffer a heart attack.  It's because of the intensity of the recording that we get requests for it every year, and we just played it on the last day of Halloween requests this morning.

Don't forget that on Monday (HALLOWEEN!) we're playing Lux Interior's Purple Knif show, as well as tons of music from The Cramps, PLUS you can come up to the station and trick-or-treat!  Costumes are optional, and you're never too old to trick-or-treat at KMSU.  You can also make a pledge, if you like!


It's the third day of the Fall Pledge Drive and we thank everyone that has pledged!  The drive ends on Friday, November 4th, and we're staring down a $30,000 goal.  As of this post we're still about $3000+ away from being 1/3 of the way there, and that's VERY intimidating.  Please consider taking a moment to support truly independent community radio like KMSU.  Give us a call at 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, or visit and donate online.  Not only do your pledges help keep KMSU on the air, but they also serve as a vote of confidence that shows Minnesota State University, Mankato that we're a valued part of the community.  CALL NOW!


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Jameson found THE ONLY COPY of Johnnie Frierson's Have You Been Good To Yourself cassette in a thrift store in Memphis and immediately knew he had something.  The intimate recordings capture Frierson (former Stax session man and brother of Hi Records artist Wendy Rene) alone with his guitar singing songs that dwell on his personal faith and struggles.  They capture the voice of a man that has experienced a profound spiritual awakening who is also dealing with the impact of his experiences in Vietnam.  Regardless of your background with religion, it's impossible to not be moved by what Frierson shared with the world.

Light In The Attic only issued 1000 copies of of Have You Been Good To Yourself on vinyl, and Jameson has 12 copies that he's made available to KMSU for the pledge drive.  The hosts at the station have fallen in love with this record, and you will too.

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THE COMPLETE RPM & CHESS SINGLES collection compiles 80 essential Howlin’ Wolf A & B sides from the first 11 years of Wolf’s career.  These songs represent some of the most important and
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the Beatifics' 1996 debut album How I Learned To Stop Worrying was received with reviews verging on rapturous, but brisk sales were hampered by problematic distribution, leaving the band on tour with no product to sell.  It wouldn't be long before the line-up began to splinter, and it would be six years before the band released a follow up album.  Eventually How I Learned To Stop Worrying went out of print, and it has been unavailable for years.

In January 2015, Shyboy Tim from Shuffle Function decided to contact Chris Dorn from The Beatifics to see if he would be interested in doing the first ever vinyl issue of the album to mark the 20th anniversary of its release.  Dorn was thrilled by the idea, and the two of them have been working for nearly two years to put together this package.  Finally, Shyboy Tim's favorite album of all time is back in print, and a new generation of Power Pop fans can discover the album noted music critic John Borack calls "a damn near flawless disc of pop delights... and an album that has more than stood the test of time."

The 20th anniversary edition of How I Learned To Stop Worrying features tweaks done for vinyl by band leader Chris Dorn, as well as new liner notes by Dorn and John Borack, and a download featuring the album with demos, alternate takes, and live versions.  Exclusive to this pledge drive is a vinyl companion 10" EP with the only live recordings of the original band line-up.  The EP features a cover of Paul McCartney & Wings' Junior's Farm that is only on the vinyl version, which will not be sold in stores.

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Once again, the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive is going on right now and runs through November 4th. Gully set the station's goal at $30,000, so please keep that in mind when you are mulling over your pledge amounts.

The phone numbers at the station are:
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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Good morning, and welcome to the last of six psychic tests that Shuffle Function has been conducting through the month of October!  We will be drawing ten cards and you will need to guess which shape is on them.  The shapes are star, circle, square, and atom symbol.  You will have ten seconds to determine the shape we hold up in the studio, and click the corresponding choice on the form located below.  This time we will be randomly selecting the cards and inserting them in envelopes without checking the shape beforehand.  We will not know which shape is inside them.

ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ANONYMOUS!  The more people that take the test, the better our findings will be!  We hope to prove that Shuffle Function has psychic listeners, and that includes YOU!

Here's the form.  Good luck, fellow traveler!

P.S.: SORRY ABOUT THE CRAPPY LOOKING FORM.  We're amateurs with this kind of thing.


A few years ago we played a round of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette that was SO severely bad that we nearly abandoned radio all together.  My exact words at the time were "remember when this used to be fun?"  After that show we began leaving offerings to the Radio Gods at the KMSU tower so that they would smile upon us and grant us a listenable round of Radio Roulette.  So far it has worked.  So far.

For the uninitiated, Shuffle Function Radio Roulette is a game we invented for Halloween.  Why Halloween?  Because we wanted to do something that was terrifying that went beyond the usual fare of Halloween music.  For a couple of control freaks like us, there is nothing more horrifying than turning our playlist over to random chance.  Thus Radio Roulette was born.

But what exactly is Shuffle Function Radio Roulette?  Here is how play.

1) We drag in the crates of K-Tel records from the office. Each record has been assigned a number. The collection is now over 400! When we did our first round of roulette, we probably  played with only 20 records!

2) WHICH RECORD DO WE PLAY?  We then use the magic hat (pictured above). There are slips of paper inside it that have a number written on them. Each number corresponds to the K-Tel record with that assigned number. Shyboy Tim pulls out a number from the magic hat and that is how the Radio Gods pick the record to play.

3) DO YOU PLAY SIDE A or SIDE B?  Shyboy Tim then picks up a coin to determine which side to play. If it is an American release we use a US quarter. If it is a Canadian release we use a Canadian quarter. If it is an import we use the other coins that we have at our disposal. He then flips the coin. If it is HEADS it is SIDE A. If it is TAILS it is SIDE B. 

Players note: if it is a Double LP - we flip a coin to determine Record 1 or Record 2. Heads = Record 1 and Tails = Record 2.

4) HOW DO YOU PICK A SONG?  The last step in this process is to determine which song gets played. We have two dice that we use for this step. If there are more than 6 tracks we use a normal die, but if there are more, we use a 10 sided die! (Shout Out to D & D players) So if Shyboy Tim rolls a 7 we play track number 7, or if he rolls a 2 we play track 2.  Finally, Shelley cues up the record and hopes it doesn't hurt too much. You will have to tune in tonight to see how things go. 

Shuffle Function Radio Roulette is a lot of fun, but it can either be the best radio ever or the worst radio ever.  Since we have no control over the outcome, it's anybody's guess how it will go.  PLUS, it's Pledge Drive time, so we could REALLY use a great round of it to entice listeners into giving generously to our wonderful little station.  There are a lot of things in play tonight.

Earlier today Shyboy Tim went out to the Tower and made the offering.  It looks pretty good, so the Radio Gods will most certainly smile upon us with a good playlist.  Here's what was left at the tower:

We'd give us a good round of Radio Roulette with an offering like that!  TWO KURT RUSSELL MOVIES?  How could we go wrong?  Tune in tonight at six p.m.  (KMSU 89.7 FM/KMSK 91.3 FM/ for the potential minefield that is Shuffle Function Radio Roulette.  Pledge during the show and you can even pick a number that we'll draw!  Radio destiny is in your hands and generous pledge drive giving heart.


Tonight at 6:30 we'll also be performing the sixth and final Psychic Radio Test .  We will be drawing ten cards and you will need to guess which shape is on them.  The shapes are star, circle, square, and atom symbol.  You will have ten seconds to determine the shape we hold up in the studio, and click the corresponding choice on the form located below.  This time we will be randomly selecting the cards and inserting them in envelopes without checking the shape beforehand.  We will not know which shape is inside them.

ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ANONYMOUS!  The more people that take the test, the better our findings will be!  We hope to prove that Shuffle Function has psychic listeners, and that includes YOU!


Please pledge your support to KMSU!  Any amount makes a difference, and we still have a long way to go to hit that $30,000 goal.  Call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, or go to and click the Donate to KMSU button.  Thanks, Radio Heroes!