Monday, October 03, 2016


We're so excited to be playing Halloween music again on Shuffle Function.  The 11 month drought has finally passed, and now we're all about celebrating all the spooky/scary music we can get our hands on.  This means that it's now open season for requesting your favorite Halloween music, so take advantage of it!  There is a catch, though...

This year we're putting a new Halloween music request rule.  If you want to hear anything Halloween related in the playlist, you must start your request with "TRICK OR TREAT!"  If it's a call, text, e-mail, or in person request, you must start with those three magic words.  It's our guess that if you're requesting seasonal music you're probably already in the spirit of things, so all this will do is kick your Halloween revelry up a notch.

Got it?  Good.  We look forward to your spooky request, gang!

To get you in the spirit, here's a great YouTube playlist someone put together with a bunch of ghost story records that were printed on the backs of cereal boxes back in the day.  They're a lot of fun, so turn off the lights and be completely in the dark!

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