Thursday, October 20, 2016


"Future events such as these will effect you in the future!"

Future events were kind of Criswell's thing.  He started by making grand predictions when he worked in TV news, and soon Criswell made a decades long career out of prediction.  It didn't matter that so many of his claims were outlandish and insane, because they would occur so far in the future that there was no way he could go wrong.  Or so the public believed.  

Criswell's abilities as a psychic made him quite the celebrity, and it gave him the opportunity do promote himself via TV and movies.  He even became Mae West's personal psychic.  She would reward him with home cooked meals and allowing him to buy her luxury cars for five dollars.  Pretty sweet gig.

Criswell's greatest notoriety in this day and age probably springs from his association with Ed Wood.  Just last month Grind-Fu Cinema screened two Ed Wood classics, and Criswell was featured prominently in one.  His turn as the narrator in Plan 9 From Outer Space allowed him to deliver Ed's crazy dialogue in his typically grand fashion.  That quote under his picture at the top of the post was one such line.  It's classic stuff.

His association with Ed Wood ran through two more films (Night Of The Ghouls and Orgy Of The Dead), and he even allegedly loaned Ed his persona casket (that he supposedly slept in) for Necromania, one of Ed's porn films.

One area of Criswell's life that doesn't get discussed very often is his recording career.  In 1970 he put out an album on Horoscope Records called The Legendary Criswell Predicts! Your Incredible Future.  What it contains is two solid sides of some of the most outlandish and bizarre predictions that you will ever hear.  The record has been reissued on CD, but the LP is hard to come by.  Fortunately, Shyboy Tim scrounged up a copy of it, and TONIGHT we'll be playing the entire LP for your pleasure!

Don't forget, we're also conducting the 4th of four Radio Psychic Tests tonight at 6:30!  Tune in and help science!

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