Sunday, October 23, 2016


I didn't get much of a chance to photograph this year's epic Grind-Fu Cinema cake made by Amber Rahe, but I know that Shyboy Tim did. So soon you should be seeing some incredible pictures and videos about the creation of the Black Phillip cake. But I think you might all be wondering what it looked like, especially if you were unable to be in attendance.  We had a big crowd last night, but I know that some of you weren't able to attend. So here is a little eye candy for you.

The second we decided on our double bill of The Witch and The Blair Witch Project, we knew the cake had to be Black Phillip, the utterly evil goat featured in the film The Witch. This cake ended up being the largest that Amber had ever tackled. There were some scares about making the long trek from Hilltop Hy-Vee to the Weicking with the cake, but he arrived safe and sound and wowed the Grind-Fu crowd.

We also had a subtle homage to The Blair Witch Project at the theater last night. Perhaps you may have noticed a few of them?

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