Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Even though The Blair Witch Project was the first "found footage" movie I had ever seen, it was not by any means the first of it's kind. For many of us who fell in love with The Blair Witch Project we wanted more films just like it, and that was how I came across The Last Broadcast. Separated by only a year, there were naturally a number of comparisons drawn. Where Blair Witch Project was a strictly a found footage, The Last Broadcast was more of a faux documentary/reality TV film. It looks into the murder of three public access TV stars who were filming in the infamous barrens, home of the New Jersey Devil. What starts as an investigation by a filmmaker turns into a murder mystery with a Shymalan type twist. There are some definite flaws - primarily the last 20 minutes or so - but up to that point you can't help but get slowly drawn into the mystery.

This movie is deserving a view, and fortunately it is on youtube in it's entirety. So turn off the lights, sit back and watch The Last Broadcast. I will give you a warning though - the ending is just so disappointing. If I didn't think the rest of the film was strong enough to still be worthy of your precious free time I wouldn't suggest it. So trust me here. Enjoy!

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