Friday, October 07, 2016

COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN BLOGPOST #7 - Holy Crap the First Week of October is Over!

October is flying by way to fast! If you listen to Tim and I on the radio even a little bit, then you know that we are both avid readers. This time of year I like to start compiling a big pile of books to read over the winter. Feeling inspired by the season, I started looking into some horror stories. What I discovered is just how awesome the cover art for these books are. In a perfect world we could all buy hardcover first editions! Have a look for yourselves - 

This is the book that the movie The Thing and The Thing From Another World was based on

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This is the book that Night Of The Lepus is based on.

This is the book that Village Of The Damned is based on.

With the downward shift in the temperature and less and less daylight to enjoy I suggest we all cuddle up with a good spooky book and a cup of hot cocoa. Remember there is no shame in having to sleep with the lights on. Happy reading everyone!

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