Sunday, October 09, 2016


Me, my little sister Carrie, and my twin Stacy

Stacy, Carrie, and I
These are a few photos that I have of my sisters and I getting ready to hit the pavement to trick-or-treat. I am pretty sure that the top photo is from when I lived in Evansville, Indiana and the bottom one is in Boone, Iowa. Both photos show the presence of a witch, or two. Sadly, in the photo above I am pretty sure that it was my turn to wear the plastic full witch mask that we owned. It was creepy, with hair and everything, so I bet I only wore it if I absolutely had to. But I loved being a werewolf. Grind - Fu Cinema is coming up fast, now less than two weeks away. For our Halloween Grind- Fu everyone is encouraged to wear a costume. The natural choice this year, given that we are showing The Witch and The Blair Witch Project, is to dress up like a witch. But what kind of witch?

I am not going to give away any kind of spoilers for our double bill, because I am guessing there are those who have not yet seen them. Let's just say that my witch costume options are only hindered by my imagination. That is why I decided maybe it is best to go old school and see if I can track down some vintage witch wear of my childhood. So okay ebay, let's see what I can find. I think I will start looking for that Ben Cooper Witch Mask.

Okay, this might be harder than I thought. I think the key is the tilt of the hat. I thought that maybe this was it, but there are no ear rings on the mask that Carrie is wearing. Another distinguishing feature is the hair down the middle of the witch's forehead.
 Ughhhh - I am having even worse luck finding the rubber witch mask. It had a green face, hair and was super creepy, but it might be lost to the ages. So much for the vintage look I guess. I still have my heart set on a witch though, although dressing like a backpacker would be pretty awesome too. We'll see what happens. I sure hope you are planning out your costumes for Grind- Fu. October 22nd is coming right up.

Also don't forget that the first of our E.S.P. Radio Tests is this Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. Be sure to tune in at that time to take the test!


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