Monday, October 31, 2016


Holy Cow! Where did the month of October go? It seems like just yesterday we were excited to finally be able to play Halloween music, Judson Fountain Radio Drammers and Shuffle Function Radio Roulette. This year we finally did something that we'd been talking about for years, we conducted a series of E.S.P. Radio Tests. I want to thank everyone who participated in the tests. As I'd mentioned before, there have been a number of incidents in which either Tim or myself would play a song only to have a listener call or text us that they were just going to request that particular tune. This has lead us to believe that our KMSU listeners are psychic. Our working theory for the E.S.P. Radio Tests was to prove our disprove that fact.

Over the last three weeks we have conducted six different tests.  As promised we are sharing the results today during the morning show. I would like to share with you those results now. Please keep in mind that the tests were all taken anonymously, so I cannot point to one or more of you specifically and say "You are psychic". But by the end of this I will be able to tell you if KMSU listeners showed psychic abilities or not. For each test we followed the same routine. There would be ten questions on each test, and listeners would have ten seconds to answer each question. We filmed each test to document the procedure. As determined by the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory, listeners would have to score more than chance to signify psychic abilities. That means scoring higher than a two on each test. When scoring the tests, all of the numbers were added up and then averaged from each participant's score. What this means is that during one test it would be possible for someone to score a six, and for several more to score zeros and the average would then be tallied. This is by far the most mathematical sentence I have had to write since graduating high school. So let's look at the test results.

TEST WEEK ONE - October 11th and 13th

The tests this week was conducted with the color cards and consisted of us shuffling the deck and randomly choosing ten cards from the deck to be utilized in the test. At no point during the test did we look at the cards, we only shared each card with the camera that was filming the test. 

Results for October 11th were chance, resulting in no psychic abilities. 

Results for October 13th was also chance, resulting in no psychic abilities. 

TEST WEEK TWO - October 18th and 20th

During this week we utilized the cards with shapes on them. Again the cards were shuffled at random and ten cards were chosen from the deck. In this week we actually looked at the cards while performing the test and tried to transmit it's identity to those taking it. 

Results for October 18th was less than chance,  resulting in no psychic abilities.

Results for October 20th was more than chance, results showing the presence of psychic abilities.

TEST WEEK THREE - October 25th and 27th

This week's test was conducted with color cards on October 25th and symbol cards on the 27th. This test was done completely blind. The deck was shuffled, the ten cards randomly chosen from the deck, and then each card placed in an envelope. At no time were the cards viewed, not even during the test itself. Afterwards the cards were revealed to the camera filming the test. Let it be noted that this week was by far the strongest results we received for the presence of psychic abilities. Most if not all of the participants scored higher than chance.

Results for October 25th was more than chance, results showing the presence of psychic abilities.

Results for October 27th were more than chance, results showing the presence of psychic abilities.

So with six tests complete, we had three tests that showed no psychic abilities and three tests that did. That meant that we would have to average all of the test results combined to get our answer, so that is what I did. Again, participants would have to score more than chance to confirm psychic skills. In this case that meant that participants had to score more than 98. When added up, the number we got was 120. What does that mean?


Again - a big thanks to everyone who participated in these tests. I anticipate that we will be sharing some of the videos soon from the testing, so that you can see how the tests went. From now on we will no longer be so surprised when we get that phone call saying "I was just going to request that song!". Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

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Mark Nelson said...

A few thoughts on the ESP tests: I did the test on two Thursdays, 10/20 and 10/27. One thing I found interesting on 10/20 is that I never sensed the yellow square, and Shelley said there was one card that never came up. Hmmm. But I did select in one time because I couldn't shake the idea that it had to come up at least once. I also came away thinking that it would have been better if the cards were all black. I like blue, I don't like yellow, so that may have influenced my selections.

On 10/27, I felt more comfortable with the test. I did feel that I sensed more of them this time. But one overall question remains: I I took the tests online. Do psychic vibes follow the internet delay? (This is a serious question, not kidding around.)