Thursday, October 27, 2016


Good morning, and welcome to the last of six psychic tests that Shuffle Function has been conducting through the month of October!  We will be drawing ten cards and you will need to guess which shape is on them.  The shapes are star, circle, square, and atom symbol.  You will have ten seconds to determine the shape we hold up in the studio, and click the corresponding choice on the form located below.  This time we will be randomly selecting the cards and inserting them in envelopes without checking the shape beforehand.  We will not know which shape is inside them.

ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ANONYMOUS!  The more people that take the test, the better our findings will be!  We hope to prove that Shuffle Function has psychic listeners, and that includes YOU!

Here's the form.  Good luck, fellow traveler!

P.S.: SORRY ABOUT THE CRAPPY LOOKING FORM.  We're amateurs with this kind of thing.

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