Thursday, October 06, 2016


While this may look like a "last known photo" of Rod Temperton, it actually isn't one.  This is from the mid-seventies when he was playing with his band Heatwave.  He left Heatwave in 1978 to focus on songwriting.  He wrote many songs, and not all of them were Thriller.

Rod died at age 66 after battling cancer.  Most of the obituaries that have been written focus on his collaboration with Michael Jackson on the Thriller album.  I mean, a guy could do far worse than write FREAKIN' THRILLER.  He did, however, write with another super legend that we love on Shuffle Function, and there aren't enough obituaries focusing on this collaboration.

I am, of course, referring to Michael McDonald.  Mikey freakin' McDee.

Rod Temperton wrote Sweet Freedom, the theme to the Gregory Hines/Billy Crystal vehicle Running Scared, which Michael sang.  You knew he sang that.  I'm sorry... I'm such a fool.  Forgive me for doubting you.  OF COURSE YOU KNEW THAT!  It's Mikey McDee!

Temperton also co-wrote Yah Mo Be There with Michael McDonald and James Ingram.  YAH MO FREAKIN' BE THERE.  Not too shabby.

Rest in peace, Rod Temperton.  Job well done.


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