Wednesday, October 26, 2016


You know, other stations might say they have the best listeners in the world, but they would be lying.  KMSU HAS THE BEST LISTENERS, and this morning was proof of that!  We heard from a mix of new and renewing members that donated a total of $2000, and all before nine a.m.!  Honestly, you guys are the best.

If you haven't pledged yet, please consider doing so.  It's only the first day of the drive, so there's no rush, but why not do your part to help keep KMSU alive and well by getting your pledge out of the way immediately?  We have a big goal ahead of us, and you'll help us inch closer and closer to ending the pledge drive.  We'd LOVE to end it early, and that becomes more and more likely with each donation.

Call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge your support today.  You can also go to and click the 'Donate Now' button to give your give online.  It only takes a moment, and then you can go about your day knowing that you've done your part to keep community radio alive and well.

During the show this morning we saw that Nikko, a listener that serves the dual roles of Radio Hero and Radio Scapegoat, posted a nice post about KMSU and why it's important support community radio.  We asked him if it would be okay to repost it and he said yes, so here it is.

Today is the first day of the KMSU at Minnesota State Mankato pledge drive, and I'd like to write something up to share why I think KMSU is worth supporting.

As I've said here before I deal with mental health issues including depression and anxiety. One of the great things, for me, is that at a $100 pledge you get to go on the air during the Shuffle Function morning show. For me that means I get to dive head first into the music I love to try to make a great playlist that best shares the music I love with the listeners. When I step through that door into KMSU and the headphones go on, my anxiety disappears and my depression goes into hiding. In those 2 hours nothing else matters and I'm filled with joy. It has been one of the only things that gives me that peace and joy. That's not the only perk to KMSU, they're more than just a radio station, they're a community of music lovers that love talking about the albums they love and hearing what their listeners love. When you pledge, you aren't just a listener, you're a member of that community, that family.

So take a moment, pledge what you feel comfortable pledging, and help KMSU keep filling the airwaves with the music you want to hear.

Heck to the yes, Nikko.

We give Nikko a lot of crap during out show (usually for good reason) but he's a good guy and a true Radio Hero.  What he said here about why KMSU is so special is SO TRUE.  This station is a special place on the radio dial.  Things like KMSU need to be supported, because without that support it goes away and our community gets a little less colorful.

Take a moment and pledge your support.  We'd love to hear from you,

Now, here's Temporary Secretary, going out to Nikko.  Dammit, Nikko...

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