Saturday, November 26, 2016

Commemorate This Year's They Might Be Playing They Might Be Giants Day

The great people at They Might Be Giants Headquarters wanted to commemorate KMSU's fantastic day sponsorship this year, and so they collaborated with our very own Tom Royer to design this one of a kind t-shirt. The last two years we have managed to get requests from all 50 States, with this year being our biggest year yet with 14 International Countries participating as well! It was an outpouring of They Might Be Giants love and KMSU was smack dab in the middle of it. I love it that the band is so willing to help let the world know about how cool KMSU is. Just in case you can't make out the text on the back of the shirt, here is a close-up:

These shirts are only available through the Holidays on the merch page of the They Might Be Giants website. You can follow this link to find it. It is available in men and women's sizes. Wave your freak flag high with this amazing t-shirt and let the world know how amazing KMSU is!


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