Wednesday, November 09, 2016


It's hard to believe that it has been fifty years since the "cute Beatle" shuffled off this mortal coil.  Most people probably aren't even aware that the person singing songs like Let It Be, Maybe I'm Amazed, Silly Love Songs, and Wonderful Christmas Time was merely an imposter hired to cover up one of the greatest tragedies in Rock and Roll history.  It's safer that way.  We get it, but that doesn't mean we'll let it slide by without recognition.

On this date in 1966 Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash after a fight with the other Beatles at Abbey Road Studios.  Because of his fame, because of the fact that The Beatles were generating tremendous sums of money for England, and out of concern for the safety of millions of fans around the world, the British Secret Service agency MI-5 decided to execute a massive cover up to hide what happened.  A look alike was hired, lives were threatened, and the world went on as if nothing had happened.

The three surviving Beatles were tortured by the thought of misleading their fans, so they subtly released clues in their album covers and in songs that revealed the horrible truth of that day.  Gradually their fans started to notice that something was amiss, and the word got out around the world.  Paul was not Paul, but instead he was a lookalike named William Campbell (Canadian).  Campbell underwent plastic surgery to perfect his transition to Beatle, and the band continued on.

At this point William Campbell has been Paul McCartney for longer than Paul was Paul McCartney.  He has been well rewarded for sacrificing his old life to become McCartney.  Campbell has become one of the wealthiest and most successful musicians in history, with a net worth of 1.2 billion dollars.  Was it worth giving up his past life for?  He probably can give you 1.2 billion reasons why it was.  Still, his sacrifice was MASSIVE and selfless, and it needs to be acknowledged.

Today we'll be playing music by Paul McCartney with The Beatles, William Campbell with The Beatles, William Campbell and Wings, and solo William Campbell material.  We'll also be exposing this massive global cover-up and revealing the incredible truth about what happened on that icy November morning.

Give us your requests, too!  We'll favor anything McCartney or William Campbell, but that doesn't mean all non-Paul/Campbell Beatles songs will be out of the question.  Call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, or drop us an e-mail at  You can also text 507-389-5678 and Mancamp, the hamster that operates our texting machine, will send them our way.

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