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Celebrity is known to come with a lot of weirdness.  A lot of OBSESSIVE weirdness.  The Beatles have more than their share of obsessives following them, and they'll do whatever they can to find out every detail of their lives and collect every second of their music.  This compulsion to uncover whatever possible has led to the discovery of one of the weirdest mysteries in music history: The death of Paul McCartney and the subsequent cover-up.

The story goes that The Beatles were recording at Abbey Road on November 9th, and there was an argument.  A furious Paul stormed out the studio and hit the icy streets of London in his Aston Martin.  At some point he lost control of the car and was killed instantly.  Because of the high profile nature of the case, British security service MI-5 was brought in to investigate.  The Beatles were then taken from Abbey Road studios to identify the body.  Then it gets weird.

At the time, The Beatles were Britain's biggest import.  Their records, films, and memorabilia brought in millions of pounds to the economy.  The death of Paul McCartney put the future of The Beatles in jeopardy, and as a result the national economy was in peril.  McCartney's death could also trigger global hysteria from his fans, and MI-5 feared a worldwide wave of suicides could result.  A plan needed to be made to prevent both of these things from happening.

It was decided that a lookalike needed to be brought in to play the role of Paul McCartney.  He would be given plastic surgery to make him look even more like McCartney, and he would from that point on be known as "Paul McCartney".  The band didn't like the idea of not being honest with their fans, but MI-5 threatened them and their families to keep The Beatles quiet.  No one would be allowed to ruin this plan, and if they did there would be grave consequences.

The guilt of being dishonest with their fans was too much for the band, so they decided they would put clues on their album covers and in their songs that would reveal the horrible truth about Paul.  Some of the clues were glaringly obvious, but others required fans to do things like play records backwards to reveal secret messages.  Sure enough, obsessive Beatles fans looked and found these messages, and for the last 50 years the clues have been studied and analyzed and interpreted.  Paul was most definitely dead, but who is that person standing in his place?

That person is/was William Campbell, the greatest martyr in rock and roll history.

Next Wednesday Shuffle Function will be on the air from six a.m. to one p.m. revealing the shocking facts about what happened to Paul McCartney and just how far MI-5 went to keep the events of that icy November day a secret.  We'll present the clues, play the backwards messages, and try to get to the bottom of things.  More importantly, we'll honor the life of the mysterious William Campbell, a man who gave up everything to become Paul.

Request are welcome!  We'll play music from McCartney era Beatles, as well as William Campbell era Beatles, solo William Campbell, and William Campbell and Wings.  Send us your clues, too!  The answers are out there if you know where to look.

Remember Paul on the 50th anniversary of his death
Wednesday, November 9th, 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.
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