Thursday, November 24, 2016


The Last Waltz occurred on Thanksgiving in 1976.  It was an epic concert featuring The Band in what would be their last performance with the original lineup, along with a who's who of music legends joining them on stage.  The day even included ballroom dancing and 5000 Thanksgiving dinners.  I don't know what tickets cost, but it seems like folks got their moneys worth.

A few years ago somebody posted The Last Waltz on YouTube, but not the Martin Scorsese version you're used to.  This is the ENTIRE Last Waltz concert, including songs not available anywhere else.  Even better, it's the original soundboard recordings, so no overdubs here.  It's stunning.  We were listening to some of it at the station the other day, and it knocked us out.  You even get the full Dylan set .  The video is solid, though it is from a single camera at the back of the room.  Bill Graham recorded all the shows that he produced, so this is most likely from the Winterland archives.  

These guys really knew how to throw a farewell bash.


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