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On August 29th, 1966, The Beatles gave their final concert performance at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.  None of the 25,000 fans in attendance knew that this would be the last time the band would play a show for a paying audience, and there were no announcements at the time that would indicate anything along those lines.  Of course, in later years the band said they knew that this would be their last show, that the grind of the road and their inability to be heard from the stage contributed to their decision to stop performing.  Did they really feel that way at the time, or was it possible that something could have happened in 1966 that would keep them from going in front of an audience?

Whatever the ACTUAL reason for leaving the road was, there is no doubting that they became a studio band focused on putting out recordings.  This would be how they would present The Beatles to the world from now on.  By staying out of the public eye they could limit the amount of opportunities people would have to discover that the real reason they left the road:  Paul McCartney was dead, and they were now unable to perform live.

Of course, there was also the matter that their music was becoming too complicated to perform.  On their last tour they didn't perform any songs from Revolver, their last album to feature Paul McCartney, and the things that the McCartney free version was coming up with went leaps and bounds beyond anything heard before in popular music.  Work had begun on Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band.

The sessions for Sergeant Pepper began on November 24th, 1966,less than a month after McCartney died in a car crash.  The focus of the first sessions were devoted to John Lennon's song Strawberry Fields Forever, a tribute to a Salvation Army children's home near where John grew up.  The song started with a simple acoustic demo, but eventually evolved into something more complex and ambitious than anything the band had ever done before.  What people couldn't have known at the time is that the song gave the world its first clues about what had happened to Paul McCartney.

THE BEATLES - Strawberry Fields Forever от hippy55 на Rutube.

Whoa... did you see that?  Fifteen seconds into the video for the song we see the very first clue!  Remember, the story goes that Paul McCartney died in a car accident in 1966.  What do we see?  A car driving in the background passes behind Paul's head symbolically indicating that he died by car!  The symbolism in Strawberry Fields Forever gets even crazier at the end of the song after it fades out and then fades back in.  Why fade back in?  To give fans one of the most literal clues to what happened to McCartney.

WHAAAAAAAAAA...?  Did you guys hear that?  John totally said "I buried Paul"!  Listen to it again!  IT'S TOTALLY THERE!  Of couse, Lennon later said that he said "Cranberry Sauce" as a joking play on the strawberry in the song title, but hey... we know the truth.

Strawberry Fields Forever was the b-side of Penny Lane, a song by "Paul", who we we occasionally refer to as "Faul", which is short for "Fake Paul".  The two songs were released to the record buying public in February of 1967, as a teaser for the upcoming Sergeant Pepper album release on June 1st, 1967.  While Strawberry Fields Forever gave early tentative clues about what happened in November 1966, Sergeant Pepper was about to unleash a gusher of clues that would form the cornerstone of the entire Paul Is Dead conspiracy.

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