Monday, January 09, 2017


Last year at this time we had just finished a week of building up to Bowie's birthday.  There was a blog post a day, and we played him heavily leading up to playing the entire Blackstar album, which was released on his birthday.  The album is a triumph, and we were really psyched about this latest chapter of his career.  To be almost 70 and putting out some of your best work is something every artist aspires for, and Bowie pulled it off.

Unbelievably, he was dead two days later.  It's just as unbelievable that a year has already passed without David Bowie in it.  His legacy of musical and personal reinvention is inspiring, and the sudden loss of his talent left a void that won't be filled any time soon.

We spent the two days after the news broke playing his music and discussing his career, and that's what we'll be doing on Tuesday, the one year anniversary of his death.  Give us your requests and we'll play them.  Moments like this are made for stations like KMSU, where community can band together and get through the tough times.  Let's get through this together.


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