Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Johnny Marr is one of those musicians that's seen it all and done it all.  He started and ended one of the most influential bands ever before he hit his mid twenties, so that's not too shabby.  Marr has also been a great collaborator, working with a wide array of bands both as a key player and as a side man.  NME has called him a "godlike genius" and Mojo said he's "Britain's last great guitar stylist".  On top of all that, he's written a book.

Marr's autobiography Set The Boy Free was released last year to positive reviews.  When Morrissey put out his autobiography a few years ago we invited literary gem (and massive Morrissey fan) Rachael Hanel on the show to nerd out about it, and this Friday she'll be returning for a discussion of Johnny Marr's book.  Shelley (also a massive Morrissey fan) has also read the book, and together they'll discuss Marr's career, as well as compare and contrast between the two authors.  We'll also be playing a bunch of music from Marr, Morrissey. The Smiths, and more!

Tune in Friday, January 20th, from six to nine a.m. for an exceptionally geeky discussion.

Literary gem Rachael Hanel!

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