Wednesday, January 18, 2017


For nearly as long as we've been doing the morning show, Shelley and I have been trying to find new and interesting calendars to doll up the broadcast booth with.  Early on we had the Babies and Baby Animals calendar, followed by a few years of Cats In Hats calendars, but we finally found something ideal with the discovery of the Goats In Trees calendar.  The weird-but-true nature of it is amusing and educational, and not only do we learn a little bit about goats, but we learn a little bit... about ourselves.

In case you aren't familiar with this phenomenon, goats in Morocco will climb up into Argania trees to eat their fruit.  They somehow manage to stand on thin precarious branches to do this.  Farmers actually cultivate this behavior because they've found that the Argania seeds that are found in the goat poo can be pressed to produce Argania oil, which is a high demand item.

Goat Tree

Since hilarious and weird gets celebrated in this world, there has been a Goats In Trees calendar produced.  I'm not entirely sure how long they have been in production, but this is our sixth year with the calendar, and it has become an evolving work of art.  Not content with just having goats in trees, we added ghosts to each month.  The following year those ghosts were placed in boats, and then after that they were joined by Hall & Oates.  It stands to reason that OF COURSE Hall & Oates were given Root Beer Floats the year after that.

We were stumped for what to do in 2017 for quite a while.  I mean, where do you go after you have Goats and Ghosts in Boats with Hall & Oates drinking Root Beer Floats?  It felt like we had hit a very incredible ceiling, until a right-in-front-of-us-the-whole-time solution presented itself.  How could we have missed the fact that these poor goats didn't have any coats?  But how would we go about tailoring fine coats for these fruit eating fellows?

Enter Ann Rosenquist Fee, Radio Goat Seamstress.  Who knew, huh?  Ann is relatively new to the field of goat clothing design, but with that rookie status comes a vision of elegance and refinement that in many ways has become a defining feature the 2017 Goats In Trees calendar.  She is what some would call a trailblazer, while others would call her the only one in the world that actually does this.  However you want to define her skill set, there's no denying that she has brought sophistication to the Goats IN COATS with Ghosts in Boats with Hall & Oates drinking Root Beer Floats calendar.

Ann took a moment of her time to sit with us and detail the process behind dressing twelve months worth of goats.  While some might closely guard their trade secrets, Ann was very forthcoming and open about her design choices.  One does not simply throw bits of cloth upon photos of goats.  To do so would be an affront to both fashion and zoology.

Please watch this video, and then consider paying it forward, not just to photographs of goats in your life, but to goat photographs around the world.  For all of us.


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