Friday, January 27, 2017


Scootermas is getting closer and closer, so planning has to get underway fast!  One of the major areas needing prep is what will be watched.  You have two days to fill, and you can't just pass the time by seeing what's on TV!  We haven't fall that far as a nation, have we?  NO!  You need to assemble a delirious menu of bizarre video delights in an attempt to constantly push the limits of what people consider "entertainment".

The only real rule for what constitutes suitable Scootermas viewing is that it can't be mundane or boring.  Our Scootermas holidays have had a few clunkers squeak through the cracks, and they have either put people LITERALLY to sleep, or flat out ruined the entire Scootermas weekend.  The stakes are high, so you need to carefully consider whether or not your viewing selections are up to snuff.

Ultimately you are the judge of what makes for appropriate Scootermas viewing.  For us, things tend to get a little bit weird.  We often look outside the borders of legitimate distribution to find holy grails and forgotten masterpieces.  Sometimes the stuff just plain sucks, but in a good way.  Like Birdemic, for instance, or The Room.

Another thing we look for is obscure television shows from around the world.  The UK usually has some great stuff that falls under the radar over here.  It seems like Matt Berry shows up in these shows quite a bit.

Of course Zombies are always fair game.  One thing that Scooter Polanski brought was an import collection of the entire Dead Set mini-series.  The show takes place around a series of Big Brother in Britain, and while the show is going on there is a zombie outbreak.  Not slow moving zombies, but full on 28 Days Later zombies.  The Big Brother cast is isolated in their house, so they don't have any exposure to the zombie virus or what is going on in the world outside.

The series is chilling and funny and luckily someone has edited all the episodes together into one long movie that you can find on YouTube!

And whatever you do, don't forget to load of on TONS of Will Forte stuff!

Look, just start rounding stuff up, okay?  You're gonna have fun.  Let us know what you have programmed for your Scootermas weekend!


Saturday, February 25th & Sunday, February 26th

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