Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Saturday, February 25th & Sunday, February 26th

It has been held every year for a decade and a half, but somehow this is one of the only pictures I can find from an actual Scootermas.  Surely there must be other photos, but I dunno... the veil of secrecy that surrounds the Scootermas tradition is heavy.  Not really.

This is the SEVENTEENTH year that Scootermas will been held.  The origins of the holiday begin with a little boy that never had birthday or Christmas celebrations when he was growing up.  After he reached adulthood he found some friends that couldn't deal with this fact and they decided that he needed his own special day to make up for all those lost gift giving opportunities.  BOOM.  Scootermas.

It used to be that Scootermas fell on whatever day could be conveniently scheduled, but in the last few years it was decided that it should always fall on Academy Awards weekend.  This year we're celebrating Scootermas on February 25th and 26th.  Expect nothing but film, food, and friendship for 48 hours.


The key element of Scootermas is film.  Each participant spends part of their year scouring the planet for new and interesting things to blow the minds of those attending.  Good, bad, weird, it doesn't matter.  As long as they don't completely suck.  Past failures have been used as a source of humiliation for the person that subjected the others to it.  Phrases like "Don't Idiocracy it" or "You really Life On Mars'd it" have become part of the vernacular.  Other things have become tradition, like watching the entire Yacht Rock series.  Look, just have fun, o.k.?

Do you have any film suggestions for Scootermas?  Send them to!

The second and third key elements are food and refreshments.  We've become a serious beer group, and we try to find new and exotic brews to sample.  You can always count on Mexican Coca Cola making an appearance, too.  Just make sure the beverages are good.  Nothing less than the  best for Scootermas.

Fourth is Nerf Dart Guns.  These are essential for the fifth element, which is the Academy Awards.  The Awards just gets this mention here, because it's really the excuse for when Scootermas is scheduled.  You can't watch the Academy Awards, however, without Nerf Dart Guns.  Without them, how can you properly register your disgust when Celine Dion comes on to sing a song, or when your favorite nominee gets robbed?  You NEED to let loose a volley of dart flavored revenge upon the TV screen.  This is America, after all.

We've been looking forward to Scootermas for a long time.  It's a great excuse to let off some steam and just forget about any of the troubles that the world drops on your doorstep.  Everybody needs a day (or days) like this. Get some friends together and plan your own Scootermas celebration.  Last year was the first time we have heard of others starting their own tradition, and we think that's great.  If the number of people asking when Scootermas happens this year is an indicator, then should be the biggest Scootermas yet!

 Happy Scootermas, everyone!


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